8th International Festival of "Globos de Cantoya" in Paracho, Michoacan

July 20 and 21 we will enjoy the 8th International Festival of “Globos de Cantoya” in Paracho, Michoacán.  This yearly event has become a regular tradition.
Our guests at Hotel Mansión Iturbe frequently ask about summer events in the area, and the Festival of Globos de Cantoya is near the top of our list of recommendations.

Festival of Globos de Cantoya in Paracho
Festival of Globos de Cantoya in Paracho

Paracho is a mere 70 kilometers (45 miles) from Pátzcuaro; Highway 14 gets you there.  It’s an ideal destination for the family, and is a spectacular and colorful event that you don’t see very often.
For this 8th annual festival, places as far away as Brazil, Colombia, El Salvador, Equador, and even France will be represented, in addition to Mexico, of course.
The Council for Purépecha Art and Culture, one of whose goals is to keep alive this tradition and other folk art, is organizing the event.

Globos de Cantoya from Paracho
Globos de Cantoya from Paracho

The globos, made of crepe paper, can vary greatly in size and shape, from those of a normal beachball, to enormous dimensions with different, sometimes exotic shapes.  The creators of the globos have to use their understanding of physics and mathematics to make them viable.

Their destination:  high in the sky, specific destination unknown.  It’s a bitter-sweet release:  After spending hours creating these beautiful objects, they are set free into the air. Given their construction – crepe paper with one or more candles heating the globo to raise it into the air until they disappear or ignite, the globos obviously are not reusable.

Globos de Cantoya from Paracho
Globos de Cantoya from Paracho

There are different categories for the event, including one for globos made by children.
As with most similar events, this one is accompanied by food and artisan sideshows.
Looking for something different to do this summer?  This could be the answer!

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