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Poinsettia, a Christmas Symbol

The "Christmas Eve Flower," or poinsettia as we know it, shows up everywhere during Christmas .  In Pátzcuaro , in our Hotel Mansión Iturbe , this plant plays an important part in our yearly decoration of the season. Best Christmas Vacations in Mexico in Patzcuaro Many don’t know that the poinsettia is originally from Mexico, a lovely contribution of Mexico to the world, and is one of the principal ornamental plants of Mexico, where there are more than 30 varieties, among which are white, yellow, pink, as well as the traditional red colors. Christmas Vacation in Mexico: Pátzcuaro a beautiful colonial town The poinsettia is a major “crop” of Zitácuaro , in eastern Michoacán . This beautiful flower, also known as the Eastern Flower and the Star of Christmas . has pre-hispanic origins.  Poinsettia in the náhuatl language is  cuetlaxóchitl  (which means “the color of fire) and represents the new life of warriors who died during battles. Mexico Poinsettia tree in Pátz

Flor de Nochebuena, un Símbolo de la Navidad

La flor de Nochebuena aparece por todas partes en la temporada de Navidad y en Pátzcuaro , en nuestro Hotel Mansión Iturbe nuestra decoración toma como punto de partida la flor de la temporada, la flor de la Navidad . Flores de Nochebuenas en los balcones de Hotel Mansión Iturbe en Pátzcuaro Algunas personas desconocen que la flor de Nochebuena es de origen mexicano, un bello aporte de México para el mundo, siendo además la principal flor de ornato en México. De esta hermosa flor, existen más de 30 variedades en México y la puedes encontrar en la actualidad en varios colores como el tradicional rojo, el blanco, el amarillo o el rosa. Flores de Nochebuenas en el Nacimiento Monumental de Pátzcuaro La flor de Nochebuena es mexicana y Michoacán se encuentra entre los principales productores de esta planta mexicana, siendo el Municipio de Zitácuaro, ubicado en el Oriente Michoacano , uno de los lugares que destaca en su producción. Flor de Nochebuena en Pátzcuaro, Michoacán Esta bella

Lake Camécuaro, Michoacán

Lake Camécuaro is a favorite destination for our guests who can dedicate an entire day away from our Pueblo Mágico Pátzcuaro . Lake Camécuaro in Michoacán These days, we are all looking for places to get out of the daily routine and be in contact with nature. Lake Camécuaro is located approximately 120 kms from Pátzcuaro . A walk to check out the full lake area will require a full day, but it is worth it for its shear beauty. A beautiful lake in Mexico is Lake Camecuaro Lake Camércuaro is located in the municipality of Tangancícuaro, about 15 kilometers (7 miles) from Zamora if you take Highway 15 N from that town in northwestern Michoacán, Lake Camecuaro, Michoacán To get to Lake Camécuaro from Pátzcuaro , you can, of course, use your favorite driving application on your phone.  Barring that, there are several options. The most direct route is Route 120 toward Quiroga from Pátzcuaro , continuing towards Guadalajara on 15N.  Another option is Route 14D towards Uruapan , takin