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Festival Huellas in Patzcuaro, Michoacán

“Festival Huellas, Música Antigua y Tradicional” took place in Pátzcuaro (Los Once Patios, a five-minute walk from Hotel Mansión Iturbe ) May 14-17.   It was the place to go to see and hear great music spanning the centuries. May 16 was especially important for the writer of this article Andrew Carhartt.   Festival Huellas in Pátzcuaro, Michoacán   The exceptionally talented harpist, Bárbara Cerón from Mexico City   (www.barbaraceron.com ), came to Pátzcuaro and gave a week-long harp workshop .   We three students – Ismael Guardado from Guadalajara, and Hector Gonzales and me, Andrew Carhartt, who live here in Pátzcuaro , attended the workshop, and performed with Ms. Cerón at Los Once Patios on May 16.   Ms. Cerón also performed solo, and along with other excellent musicians. If you, as I, have never heard four harps “jamming,” it is an extraordinary sound, and a very exciting experience.   And what fun, when a handful of brave girls from the audience got up and dance

Festival Huellas, Música Antigua y Tradicional en Pátzcuaro, Michoacán

El Festival Huellas, Música Antigua y Tradicional , se llevó a cabo en Pátzcuaro en la Casa de Los Once Patios , a corta distancia de Hotel Mansión Iturbe del Mayo 14-17. Un evento para ir a ver y escuchar buena música que abarca diferentes épocas. El 16 de mayo fue especialmente importante para el autor de este artículo, Andrew Carhartt.   Festival Huellas, Música Antigua y Tradicional en Pátzcuaro     La artista Bárbara Cerón de la Ciudad de México, una arpista con talento excepcional, vino a Pátzcuaro y dio un taller de arpa durante una semana. Nosotros, los tres estudiantes - Ismael Guardado de Guadalajara, Héctor González y yo, Andrew Carhartt, que vivimos aquí en Pátzcuaro , asistimos al taller que se llevó a cabo con la señora Cerón en La Casa de los Once Patios el 16 de Mayo. La Sra. Cerón también se presentó de forma individual y junto con otros excelentes músicos.   Festival Huellas, Música Antigua y Tradicional en Pátzcuaro   Si usted, como yo, qu

There's Always a Surprise Waiting for You at Ex Colegio!

The Antigüo Colegio Jesuita (ex Colegio) – right up the street from Hotel Mansión Iturbe – is Pátzcuaro ’s principle venue for art shows.   Although there is only one permanent show – a large and comprehensive collection of masks on the ground floor – it is the monthly, dynamic turnover of exhibitions upstairs that draws in the crowds.  Cultura Center in Pátzcuaro " Antiguo Colegio Jesuita " They also have numerous ongoing artisan workshops .   Visit their web site for the full gamut of courses:   http://www.mexicoescultura.com/recinto/50920 The management of the ex Colegio is quite flexible in its decisions on which exhibitions to show.   We see everything from photography to charcoal sketches to ceramics to oil paintings to steel sculpture, and more.   It looks like they will consider just about anything that has artistic value, is interesting, and will fit in the doors.   And the shows are not limited to local or even Mexican artwork.   Andrew

En el Antiguo Colegio Jesuita de Pátzcuaro, siempre hay sorpresas esperando!

El Centro Cultural Antiguo Colegio Jesuita en Pátzcuaro , también conocido como el Ex Colegio Jesuita , localizado a muy corta distancia de   Hotel Mansión Iturbe , es el lugar donde se realizan varias de las exposiciones de arte en nuestro Pueblo Mágico . Cuenta con exposiciones permanentes, como una exposición permanente de máscaras en la planta baja.  Centro Cultural Antiguo Colegio Jesuita en Pátzcuaro En la segunda planta de este recinto, constantemente se realizan exposiciones temporales , las cuales cambian de forma dinámica y tienen una duración aproximada de un mes.   Dentro del Centro Cultural Antiguo Colegio Jesuita , también se llevan a cabo diferente talleres y   cursos. Para mayor información les proporcionamos su sitio web: http://www.mexicoescultura.com/recinto/50920 La dirección del ex Colegio Jesuita  es bastante flexible en sus decisiones sobre que exposiciones mostrar.   Podemos observar desde fotografía a bocetos de carbón, ce

Free Artisan Workshops in Pátzcuaro

Of interest to aficionados of folk art, the Museum of Folk Art and Industry is holding a series of artisan workshops in Patzcuaro .  Museum of Folk Art and Industry in Pátzcuaro We have a different and interesting proposition for our guests at Hotel Mansion Iturbe who want to have a uniquely enriching experience:  Attend an artisan workshop involving ancestral techniques that go back generations, and learn first-hand from those very artisans from around our Lake Patzcuaro.  Workshops in Pátzcuaro using plant fibers These workshops have proved popular since January, and have included workshops on the use of plant fibers, embroidery, weaving. etc.  Embroidery from Santa Cruz at Lake Pátzcuaro Region This season in Patzcuaro , with our excellent weather, get to know the traditions and artisanal techniques of the Purépecha culture and join in these interesting artisan workshops . In the coming months, look for workshops on traditional toys , and the a