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Marketplaces of Patzcuaro

In Patzcuaro you will find an ample sampling of traditional Mexican markets – places where you can literally taste the community and interact with the locals and those from the outlying areas who come to this Magical Village to sell their wares.

Buying directly from locals means supporting the local economy in a big way; but you also discover authentic products and experience an explosion of aromas and colors.
People from all around Patzcuaro converge on these markets with their diverse products – a custom that goes back to pre-Hispanic times.In some places, there are even places where people still barter their goods.

The entrance to the principal market in Patzcuaro is at the southwest corner of the Plaza Gertrudis Bocanegra, just three blocks from Hotel Mansion Iturbe. You will find all sorts of locally-grown seasonal fruits and vegetables to take home and enjoy – capulines (like cherries), blackberries, changungas (small, yellow, pungent fruit), exotic mushrooms, avocados, chirim…

Los Mercados de Pátzcuaro

En Pátzcuaro encontrarás una muestra de los Mercados tradicionales de México, lugares en donde puedes palpar la cultura de la comunidad e interactuar con los habitantes de Pátzcuaro y la Región lacustre que acuden a nuestro Pueblo Mágico a comercializar sus productos.

Al consumir lo local, podrás apoyar la economía de Pátzcuaro y descubrir productos auténticos, conocer sabores inigualables y disfrutar de una explosión de aromas y colores.

Los mercados de Pátzcuaro son un punto de encuentro en donde la gente de Pátzcuaro y las comunidades convergen para comercializar los productos de la Región Lacustre, una costumbre que viene de tiempos prehispánicos e incluso actualmente en algunos lugares podemos observar el trueque.

En Pátzcuaro el mercado principal se localiza a un costado de la Plaza Gertrudis Bocanegra, localizado a corta distancia de nuestro Hotel Mansión Iturbe.
Si deseas llevar de regreso a casa, productos de la temporada cosechados en las comunidades cercanas, como Capuli…

A Breakfast with a Uniquely Patzcuaro Slant

Enjoying breakfast in Patzcuaro is special.A Magic Town in Mexico where times seems to stop, and where even the simple act of dining can carry you back to yesteryear.

Treat yourself to a quiet breakfast, with the famous Plaza Vasco de Quiroga right across the street.Watch before your eyes as one of the most lovely villages in all of Mexico gradually comes to life with its daily ritual of activities. And what better vantage point from which to do so than the Doña Paca Restaurant at the Hotel Mansion Iturbe, where you can choose from more than 30 breakfast items, ranging from the most traditional of the region, to your classic, beloved hotcakes. And along with the perfect breakfast comes the perfect cup of coffee our  ask for our delicious capuchino Doña Paca.Want something more traditional?Try our steaming-hot metate chocolate. Among our specialties you will find mouth-watering indigenous huevos Tarascos, chilaquiles Purépechas, huevos rancheros with crumbly cotija cheese, and corundas and…

Desayunar en Pátzcuaro con sazón y con sabor

Desayunar en Pátzcuaro es muy especial, un Pueblo Mágico en donde pareciera que el tiempo se detiene en donde también a través de su gastronomía podemos seguir deleitándonos con la cocina de antaño.

En Pátzcuaro, date el gusto de desayunar con tranquilidad; observando la Plaza Vasco de Quiroga en donde poco a poco uno de los Pueblos Típicos más bellos de México, comienza su vida cotidiana.
 Para Desayunar en Pátzcuaro, en Restaurante Doña Paca del Hotel Mansión Iturbe, te proponemos una extensa carta con más de 30 desayunos. Todo una variedad de desayunos que va desde el Tradicional Menudo, hasta los clásicos Hot Cakes.  Una gran variedad de sabores y recetas originales que hemos creado para nuestros clientes, acompañados de un buen café. ¿Quieres conocer nuestro tradicional capuchino Doña Paca en su ya famoso tazcal o probar nuestro espumoso chocolate de metate batido con molinillo? Huevos Tarascos, Chilaquiles Purépechas, Huevos Rancheros con Queso Cotija, Corundas o Uchepos son …

Don Juan Horta’s Family Workshop in Tocuaro, Michoacan

Don Juan Horta was the epitome of Mexican folk art: He began the tradition of mask-making in Tócuaro, and this village on the banks of Lake Patzcuaro has become synonymous for that craft ever since.

Don Juan Horta showed his work throughout Mexico and internationally, as well, including the Art Institute of Chicago and other educational centers and institutions.
Don Juan Horta died in 2006.But his legacy lives on today.Mask lovers can visit the family workshop on Tocuaro, where his descendants continue creating the most imaginative masks.

Many of our guests at Hotel Mansion Iturbe visit this workshop. His son Modesto Horta has taken the reins, and he is happy to show off his large collection of masks of different sizes, colors, and shapes, all made of one piece of Wood.    Observe how these fabulous masks materialize before your eyes, and marvel at the dexterity of the artists, while they share tidbits of the community’s daily life.You will see some unforgettable things.  
There …