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New Collective Brands for Michoacán Artisans

  A few days ago, six Michoacan handicrafts were awarded "collective brand" certifications, in recognition of the work of the Michoacan artisans who make the  clay  pots of Cocucho , the  “fraying work”  of San Felipe de los Herreros, the embroidery of Zacán, the  stitchery  of Cocucho, the  shawls  of Ahuirán ,  and "Maque"   of Michoacan . Maque from Michoacan, Mexican Handicrafts Let’s give these artisans a big pat on the back, which puts Michoacan on a pretty high platform.  For us at  Hotel Mansion Iturbe , it is a great pleasure to have people from various locations come to buy folk art produced by  Michoacan artisans . We at  Mansion Iturbe  invite you to become familiar with these new “collective brands” of  Michoacan .  In a nutshell, here’s what it’s all about: These certifications are granted by t he Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI) . Collective trademarks are an instrument that can contribute significantly to the economic and soci

Nuevas marcas colectivas para las Artesanías Michoacanas

Hace unos días se otorgaron certificaciones de “marcas colectivas” a seis artesanías michoacanas , un reconocimiento al trabajo de las artesanas y artesanos michoacanos que hacen las ollas de Cocucho , los deshilados de San Felipe de los Herreros, los bordados de Zacán, los guanengos de Cocucho, los rebozos de Ahuirán y el maque de Michoacán . Maque de Michoacán, Guaje ¡Felicidades para estos artesanos que ponen el alto el nombre de Michoacán ! Para nosotros en Hotel Mansión Iturbe es un gusto ver como viene a Pátzcuaro , gente de diferentes latitudes a comprar el arte popular que producen los artesanos michoacanos. En Mansión Iturbe te invitamos a conocer las nuevas marcas colectivas de artesanías michoacanas y te explicamos en qué consisten: Estas certificaciones las otorga el Instituto Mexicano de la Propiedad Industrial (IMPI), las marcas colectivas son un instrumento que puede contribuir de manera importante en el desarrollo económico y social de las comunidades artesa

A Romantic Getaway to Patzcuaro

Have you been thinking about taking a romantic weekend getaway to Patzcuaro ? Patzcuaro is one of the most beautiful Magical Towns in Mexico, located in Michoacán , which will allow you to escape from the routine and stress of everyday life. Ideal for a romantic getaway and of course to celebrate Valentine's Day. A romantic getaway in Mexico: Pátzcuaro So, if you are thinking about what to do for February 14, how to surprise your partner on Valentine's Day, Patzcuaro is an excellent option. You can relax, enjoy their company and live pleasant experiences creating unforgettable memories. Pátzcuaro a couples retreat in Mexico Among the attractions that Patzcuaro offers that make it the perfect place for a romantic getaway , you will find its characteristic atmosphere, with a unique charm, with its cobblestone streets, which invite you to walk and admire its architecture, its well-preserved mansions, like where our Hotel Mansion Iturbe is located. A romantic hotel in