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Mojigangas in Patzcuaro

The Mojigangas (mo-hee-GAHN-gahs) proclaim the proximity of the celebration of Our Lady of Health in Patzcuaro. We see these giants in the streets of our magical village during the month of November on weekends. Sunday is the day that traditionally they come out to dance in the streets, but the most important date is December 8, when we celebrate the coronation of the Virgin.

The tradition of the Mojigangas has persisted for generations; they are yet another example of the vast and rich culture of Pátzcuaro.

These giants arrived in Mexico (then “New Spain”) from Spain in the 16th Century (known as Spain’s “Golden Century”), when Spain was renowned for its advances in the arts, music, and literature.
The name is believed to have originated from Bojiganga or Boxiganga, which were small street theater groups who produced humorous plays. Mojigangas appeared in Mexico during the time of evangelization, brought by Catholic priests as an instrument to convert the Indians to Christianity. They ha…

Las Mojigangas en Pátzcuaro, Michoacán

Las Mojigangas anuncian la cercanía de las Fiestas de la Virgen de la Salud de Pátzcuaro. A estas enormes estructuras que parecen gigantes, las vemos en las calles de nuestro Pueblo Mágico durante el mes de noviembre los fines de semana. El Domingo es el día que tradicionalmente salen a bailar por las calles, siendo la fecha más importante el 8 de diciembre, fecha en que celebramos la coronación de la Virgen.

Las Mojigangas son de las tradiciones que se han preservado a través de los años, siendo una muestra de la vasta riqueza cultural de Pátzcuaro.
Las Mojigangas llegaron desde España a México, entonces conocido como la Nueva España en el siglo XVI, durante el periodo que se conoce como el Siglo de Oro Español, época en que España destacó por sus aportes a las artes, la música y la literatura.
Se cree que el terminó tiene su origen en las compañías de Bojiganga o Boxiganga, que eran pequeñas compañías de Teatro callejero con obras dramáticas para hacer reír.
Las Mojigangas aparecen en…

Hotel Mansion Iturbe: One of the 100 “Musts” in Mexico 2018.

Our Hotel Mansion Iturbe in Patzcuaro has been awarded for the third consecutive year as one of the 100 “musts” in Mexico in the category of accommodations.

The categories include:
Artists and ArtisansMoments and EventsAccommodationsCuisineAttractionsHistoric Sites
It is an honor for Hotel Mansión Iturbe to be once again considered a “must-do” experience in Mexico. According to the National Tour Guide who organizes the event, "[this distinction] is not a recommendation, but a reminder to conserve the best of our country, and this contest organized annually seeks to recognize entities which are not to be missed."
Thanks to everyone who voted for Hotel Mansión Iturbe in Pátzcuaro for this prestigious honor.
Hotel Mansión Iturbe is located in the Plaza Vasco de Quiroga in Pátzcuaro.  It’s an historic Mexican hotel that honors its own history, and is considered by the specialists as a jewel of New Spain architecture, architectural heritage of Pátzcuaro, and a historical monument of M…

Hotel Mansión Iturbe es uno de los 100 Imperdibles de México 2018

Nuestro Hotel Mansión Iturbe en Pátzcuaro ha sido galardonado por tercer año consecutivo como parte de los 100 Imperdibles de México en la Categoría de Hoteles y Estancias.

Se entregaron premios en las categorías de:
Artistas y ArtesanosMomentos y EventosHoteles y EstanciasGastronomíaAtraccionesSitios Históricos

Un honor para Hotel Mansión Iturbeen Pátzcuaro ser considerado como una experiencia imperdible de México. De acuerdo a la Guía Nacional de Turismo, que organiza el evento “Un Imperdible no es una recomendación, es un recordatorio para conservar lo mejor de nuestro país, y este certamen organizado de forma anual busca captar de la gente cuales son esas experiencias imperdibles.”
Agradecemos a todas las personas que votaron por Hotel Mansión Iturbe en Pátzcuaro, para ser considerado uno de los 100 Imperdibles de México.
Hotel Mansión Iturbe se localiza en la Plaza Vasco de Quirogaen Pátzcuaro. Un Hotel Histórico de México, que guarda su propia Historia. Considerado por los especialis…

The Miraculous Lord of the Third Order in Pátzcuaro, Michoacán

The image of the Lord of the Third Order is one of the most venerated images in Pátzcuaro.  People from all over Mexico – and indeed from different parts of the world – come to pay homage to him.

This image is located in the San Francisco Temple in Pátzcuaro, located a short distance from our Hotel Mansion Iturbe, on the corner of Teran and Federico Tena streets, just catty corner from San Francisco square where pottery market takes place every Friday.

On July 21, 1656, miraculous movements of the crucified Christ were observed, leaning as we see it today hanging on the cross. These movements were documented at that time, witnessed by the Mayor of Pátzcuaro Don José Diego de Bracamontes, Davila, the Lieutenant General of the Province, Don Antonio Cortes de Heredia, the Father Guardian of the San Francisco Convent Fray Luis Baños, as well as the Father Fray Pedro de Sanda of the Order of San Agustín.

That day of that miracle, the temple bells began to toll without anyone touching them, an…