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Ancient Codices and Canvasses of Michoacan a temporary show at the Museum in Patzcuaro

The Expo of Codices and Canvasses of Michoacan is now visiting our very own Art and Folk Museum in Pátzcuaro – barely two blocks up the street from Hotel Mansión Iturbe – is the brainchild of Dr. Carlos Paredes Martinez.  Learn more about the history of Michoacan through these historic, illustrated documents, on display until December 22.  Expo of Codices and Canvasses of Michoacan in Patzcuaro Via these media, you will see copies of important depictions of the indigenous’ history, customs, culture, economy, rites, and religious ceremonies as they were half a millennium ago. One of the most important documents of the era is “ La Relación de Michoacán” , the definitive narrative of the history of pre Colombian civilizations , including the history and customs of the Purépecha people, written by Fray Jerónimo de Alcalá in 1541 at the direction of the first Viceroy of New Spain, Don Antonio de Mendoza.  (The original document is in the Biblioteca Real of San Lorenzo del Esc

Códices y Lienzos de Michoacán

La Exposición Códices y Lienzos de Michoacán , se presenta en el Museo de Artes e Industrias Populares de Pátzcuaro muy cerca de nuestro Hotel Mansión Iturbe , una interesante exposición del Dr. Carlos Paredes Martínez ,   en donde podrás conocer más   de la Historia de Michoacán a través de estos estos documentos pictóricos. La exposición se presenta hasta el 22 de Diciembre. Exposición Códices y lienzos de Michoacán en Pátzcuaro En estos códices y lienzos podrás apreciar diferentes aspectos de estos antiguos pueblos indígenas en donde se narran su historia y sus costumbres. A través de estos documentos que son fuentes históricas ,   se plasmaron diferentes aspectos de su cultura, economía, ritos y ceremonias religiosas, siendo un registro histórico que se dejó de estos pueblos indígenas. La exposición es una serie de copias de importantes codíces y lienzos de Michoacán, que se encuentran dispersos en diferentes lugares del Mundo. Encontrarás una copia de La Relación

10 Unique Tourist Options for Our Patzcuaro Visitors

Patzcuaro is one of tourist destinations of Mexico which, for its location, allows us to enjoy a wide variety of options close by.   These include lovely landscapes, archaeological sites, architectural jewels of the colonial epoch, and typical villages of singular beauty, where the traveler can enjoy authentic Michoacan cuisine and also buy folkartisan ware directly from the artists.  Patzcuaro is one of the beautiful colonial towns of Mexico At Hotel Mansion Iturbe , we invite you to live the experience of visiting these places near Patzcuaro – places that are just waiting to be discovered!  Patzcuaro main square seen from Hotel Mansion Iturbe With these ten options, we want to give you a general idea of the different places to visit on your next trip to Patzcuaro . 1.   Lake Patzcuaro and Its Islands Take a boat trip on our famous Lake Patzcuaro .   In addition to the famous Island of Janitzio , we encourage you to visit other islands, such as Yunuen and