Mostrando entradas de febrero, 2016

K’uinchekua (The Great Party of Michoacán) in the Plaza Valladolid in Morelia

K’uinchekua (The Great Party of Michoacán) was a cultural event that took place to mark the visit of Pope Francisco to Morelia.

The event took place in the Plaza Valladolid in the historical district of Morelia.

Various communities around Michoacán participated in the K’uinchekua. Through music, song, and dance, long-preserved artistic and cultural traditions were represented. Indigenous groups included the Purépecha, Náhuatl, and those from Tierra Caliente.

Pátzcuaro, a “Pueblo Mágico,” was represented with the fantastic “Mojigangas.” These giant puppets (with people inside them) come out to stroll through the streets of Pátzcuaro, just before theFestival of the Virgin of Health of Pátzcuaro.

K’uinchekua “La Fiesta Grande de Michoacán” en la Plaza Valladolid en Morelia