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Kitchen Implements of Traditional Mexican Cuisine

In Pátzcuaro , you can find a wide variety of traditional Mexican kitchen implements that date from the pre-Hispanic era.  Michoacán was at the top of the list when they named Mexican cuisine as an “Immaterial Cultural Heritage of Humanity” by UNESCO:  “Traditional Mexican Cuisine: Community Culture that is ancestral and alive – the Michoacán paradigm.” Traditional Mexican Kitchen Implements This “immaterial heritage” is made up of expressions, techniques, uses, and acquired knowledges, including implements. Traditional Mexican Kitchen in Patzcuaro, Michoacán Hotel Mansión Iturbe invites you to support the preservation of the Mexican traditions and cultural heritage of Mexico, by buying some of these implements, some of which are listed below: 1.    Molcajete :   The name comes from the náhuatl  molli,  which means “stew” or “sauce, and  caxitl,  meaning “basin.”  It is a mortar made of volcanic rock, with three legs, in which you can grind numerous ingredient

Utensilios de Cocina Tradicional Mexicana

En Pátzcuaro puedes encontrar una gran variedad de utensilios de Cocina Tradicional Mexicana , que datan de la época prehispánica. Michoacán fue fundamental para el nombramiento de la Cocina Mexicana como Patrimonio Cultural Inmaterial de la Humanidad por la UNESCO , al haber sido inscrito como: “La Cocina Tradicional Mexicana, cultura comunitaria, ancestral y viva – El Paradigma Michoacán.” Cocina Tradicional Mexicana en Pátzcuaro Este patrimonio inmaterial lo componen junto con las expresiones, las técnicas, los usos y los conocimientos; los utensilios y trastos que se utilizan. En Hotel Mansión Iturbe , te invitamos a apoyar la preservación de las tradiciones mexicanas y el patrimonio cultural de México, comprando estos utensilios de cocina tradicional mexicana. Te compartimos algunos de los utensilios de la cocina tradicional mexicana que podrás encontrar en Pátzcuaro: 1.    Molcajete : su significado viene del náhuatl “molli” que es guisado o salsa y “cax

The Islands of Lake Patzcuaro in Michoacan

Lake Pátzcuaro is one of the tourist attractions of our “Pueblo Mágico”, with its famous Island of Janitzio .  But you will find more islands on this lake and we at Hotel Mansión Iturbe recommend that you give yourself time to get to know them. To make a tour of the islands of Lake Pátzcuaro , you should make arrangements at the docks for such tours conducted by the people from the communities who live on the islands. Janitzio Island in Lake Patzcuaro, Michoacán These people are helpful, and proud of their Purépecha roots where they retain ancestral traditions.  During your visit, always be respectful of the customs and ways of life.  Enjoy nature and help preserve the environment and the local biodiversities. And, as always, do not remove animal or plant species from their natural habit, generate as little trash as possible, and be aware that Pátzcuaro is now a town where single-use plastic items are no longer allowed. Lake Patzcuaro, Michoacán Observe th