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Carnitas and Cheese Fair in Tacámbaro

The Carnitas and Cheese Fair in Tacámbaro takes place September 27-29 this year – and what a great excuse (in case you needed one!) to visit our area this weekend!Tacámbaro, located a scant 55 kilometers from Pátzcuaro, has only recently acquired the status of “Pueblo Mágico” (Magical Village), and this is their first Carnitas and Cheese Festival.

The drive to Tacámbaro from Pátzcuaro is a lovely one, with mile after mile of mature pine trees, and picturesque avocado orchards, for which this area is known.
The Ecological Park Cerro Hueco is a beautiful natural attraction; you’ll also find the famous Alberca (Pool), which is actually a small lake – or rather a crater of an extinct volcano in a gorgeous natural wooded setting.
This Fair is held in the main plaza of historical downtown Tacámbaro.Here you will enjoy one of the most representative of Michoacán cousine:Carnitas. Carnitas, literally “little meats,” are a type of braised or roasted pork. Pork carnitas are traditionally made us…

Feria de las Carnitas y del Queso en Tacámbaro

La Feria de las Carnitas y del Queso del 27 al 29 de Septiembre, es un pretexto ideal para visitar nuestra Región durante este fin de semana.Un evento que se organiza por primera vez en el Pueblo Mágico de Tacámbaro, que se localiza al 55 kms de Pátzcuaro.

Rumbo a Tacámbaro podrá disfrutar de un paisaje lleno de pinos y observar las huertas de aguacate, famosas a nivel internacional por la calidad de los aguacates que se producen en tierras michoacanas.
Atractivos naturales como el Parque Ecológico de Cerro Hueco, visitar la Laguna de la Magdalena o la famosa Alberca que es un pequeño lago, que tiene como peculiaridad que es un cráter de volcán apagado, con un bello entorno natural boscoso.
Ya en Tacámbaro, diríjase a la plaza principal en el centro histórico, en donde se llevará a cabo este evento. En este lugar podrá disfrutar de uno de los platillos más representativos de la cocina michoacana: Las Carnitas.  Prepárese para disfrutar de este suculento platillo michoacano, estarán …

Doña Gertrudis Bocanegra – Heroine in the Independence of Mexico

Many of our guests at Hotel Mansion Iturbe ask us about the history of Patzcuaro, and the individuals who have played a part in it.Few people are aware that Patzcuaro was the birthplace of one of the true heroines of the Independence of Mexico:Doña Gertrudis Bocanegra de Lazo de la Vega.

Doña Gertrudis Bocanegra was born on April 11, 1765.Her parents were Spanish, Don Pedro Javier Bocanegra and Doña Felicia Mendoza.She married Pedro Advíncula de la Vega, who was a regiment soldier, and they had four children. She was cultured and well-read, and was disposed to support the cause of Independence.
She secretly served as a messenger for the insurgents around Patzcuaro and Tacambaro, and managed to create an efficient web of communication – a vital role in the insurgent effort.She was later installed in Patzcuaro to facilitate the entry of the insurgents into the city. Her husband, Don Pedro de Advíncula de la Vega, together with one of their children, joined the insurgent army under Don Manue…

Doña Gertrudis Bocanegra heroína de la Independencia de México.

Muchos de nuestros huéspedes en Hotel Mansión Iturbe, nos preguntan sobre la historia de Pátzcuaro y sus personajes. Pocos saben que es la cuna de una de las heroínas de la Independencia de México, Doña Gertrudis Bocanegra de Lazo de la Vega.

Doña Gertrudis Bocanegra, la heroína de Pátzcuaro nació el 11 de abril de 1765, sus padres eran españoles, Don Pedro Javier Bocanegra y Doña Felicia Mendoza, contrajo matrimonio con Pedro Advíncula de la Vega, quien era soldado del regimiento provincial y tuvieron cuatro hijos. Doña Gertrudis Bocanegrafue una de las grandes mujeres que participaron en la Independencia de México, mujer culta, lectora de libros de la ilustración, que la inclinaron a adherirse a la causa independentista.
Participó como correo entre los insurgentes, en la Región de Pátzcuaro y Tacámbaro, logrando crear una red de comunicación eficaz lo cual fue de gran importancia para las fuerzas insurgentes, posteriormente fue enviada a Pátzcuaro para facilitar a entrada de los insurg…

The Legend of the Fuente del Torito in Patzcuaro (Fountain of the Little Bull)

In a Pueblo Magico (“Magical Village”) like Patzcuaro, there are bound to be many legends.One of them pertains to the Fountain of the Little Bull, located just a block from Hotel Mansión Iturbe, walking down Iturbe Street toward the Plaza Gertrudis Bocanegra (“Plaza Chica”).The fountain is part of just about any tour of Patzcuaro.It’s one of the most well-known fountains in this Pueblo Magico.
Such stories and legends are handed down from generation to generation and become part of the fabric of our community.
The legend goes this way:A fountain was in the middle of Iturbe Street.It was a cute little fountain.But one day, a little bull got in the way of a man on horseback and distracted him, and the man was killed when he crashed into the fountain.The fountain was put on trial and, after lengthy deliberation, it was decided that the fountain was guilty of homicide.The fountain was first sentenced to destruction, but got a reprieve and instead was moved to the corner, where it is today.