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Folk Art and Its Economic Importance to the Communities around Lake Patzcuaro

Folk art is one of the most representative expressions of Michoacán. It is a tradition that has been preserved for generations. These trades have been a pillar of the economy of many homes.   Artisanware is an important economic engine of indigenous communities. Mexican Folk Art in Tzintzuntzan at Pátzcuaro Lake Region This artisanship also plays an important part in local communities. Even today we can witness the ancient concept of barter.  In what is known as “market days” in places such as Santa Fe de la Laguna or even Pátzcuaro , we can see how this “exchange” takes place.  People of different communities engage in fishing, agriculture, and of course the crafts, exchanging their wares, with little or no money changing hands. Mexican Pottery from Pátzcuaro Lake Region   The Purépecha craftsmen are proud:  Folk art for them is not only a way to generate income, but is also a way of life, a legacy that want to leave their children.  There is a deep inti

El Arte Popular y su importancia en la economía de las comunidades del Lago de Pátzcuaro.

El Arte Popular es una de las expresiones culturales más representativas de Michoacán. Es una tradición que se ha preservado por generaciones, este oficio ha sido pilar de la economía de muchos hogares, viendo la actividad artesanal como medio de sustento. La producción artesanal es un importante motor económico de las comunidades indígenas. Arte Popular Mexicano de Tzintzuntzan Michoacán Esta producción artesanal, también se destina al consumo interno de las comunidades. Hoy en día aún podemos apreciar el Trueque. Así, en lo que se conoce como los días de mercado en lugares como Santa Fe de la Laguna o el mismo Pátzcuaro , podemos observar cómo se lleva a cabo este intercambio; en donde participan gente de las diferentes comunidades que se dedican a la pesca, la agricultura, la recolección y por supuesto a las artesanías. Alfarería Mexicana de Tzintzuntzan, Michoacán Los artesanos purépechas se sienten orgullosos de serlo, siendo para ellos el Arte Popu

Ingredients of Traditional Mexican Cuisine

Traditional Mexican cuisine is superb, with many recipes handed down from generation to generation.  Two secrets to the success of these dishes are (1) use only the freshest and the most exact ingredients, and (2) make sure they are harvested and directly from the field, and for self-consumption. Tradicional Mexican Cuisine To preserve these ancestral recipes , it’s clearly necessary to also protect traditional ingredients to achieve the correct result, and also to use the ancestral cooking techniques. Traditional Ingredients in the Mexican Cuisine On your next visit to Patzcuaro , make it a point to shop at the local markets.  By doing so, not only will you support the local merchants, you will also help preserve these ingredients, which are a legacy of the gastronomic culture of Mexico .   Mexican Cheese from Michoacán State In the Lake Patzcuaro region, there are many families who continue the tradition of working in the field and harvesting their parcel