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Visit the Recently Remodeled National Copper Museum

The National Copper Museum in the "Pueblo Mágico", Santa Clara del Cobre, is an excellent place to enjoy Mexican Folk Art, and appreciate the handiwork of its artisans.

We at Hotel Mansión Iturbe recommend to all our guests that they take the time to visit Santa Clara del Cobre, which is just 19 kilometers (12 miles) from Pátzcuaro (thanks to recently widened Highway 120-Opopeo).
Before you start strolling the streets of Santa Clara del Cobre, it’s good to go to the Museum first; it houses a great cross section of the copper products to look for when you go shopping outside.  In the Museum, there are also demonstrations of various techniques used in creating copperworks.

The recently remodeled Museum contains the show area, an audiovisual room, and a store.  In the patio in back of the Museum is a typical forge, where the copper is heated prior to treated and pounded and molded.

Museum personnel are very friendly, and more than happy and willing to discuss ancestral copperworki…

Visita el Museo Nacional del Cobre, Recientemente Remodelado

El Museo Nacional de Cobre en el Pueblo Mágico de Santa Clara del Cobre es un excelente lugar para disfrutar del Arte Popular Mexicano y conocer la habilidad manual de sus artesanos.

En Hotel Mansión Iturbe, recomendamos a nuestros huéspedes, darse tiempo para realizar una visita a Santa Clara del Cobre, ubicado a muy corta distancia de Pátzcuaro. Conectados con una carretera recientemente ampliada, que acorta el tiempo de recorrido que son aproximadamente 19 kms. La carretera de debes tomar es la 120 en dirección a Opopeo.
Para dar inicio a tu visita al hermoso Pueblo Mágico de Santa Clara del Cobre, es conveniente que hagas una visita al Museo Nacional del Cobre. Una buena introducción, para que conozcas más sobre el Arte que realizan los artesanos y comprender las técnicas que utilizan.

Le Museo recientemente fue remodelado y es el lugar perfecto para que conozcas las diferentes artesanías que se elaboran en Santa Clara del Cobre. Cuenta con área de exposiciones, sala audiovisual y t…

Delicacies of Pre-Hispanic Cuisine

Hotel Mansión Iturbe invites you to experience the uniqueness of Pátzcuaro’s market, where you can find literally everything from soup to nuts.  Vendors from the Pátzcuaro basin deliver a huge variety of seasonal plants, fruits, herbs, cheeses, spices, fish, grains (and yes, soups and nuts!) to our market, and prepare scrumptious things like corundas, uchepos, tortillas azules, quesadillas, charales, carnitas, and much more. Support our indigenous communities; buy and enjoy their exotic and delicious products.

Specialty products that have come down to us from pre-Hispanic times form part of Michoacan’s daily dining experience.
As with any region of the world, most fruits and vegetables are seasonal.  But it is in the wet season when the greatest variety of these comestibles can be seen in the market.

One exotic and outstanding pre-Hispanic delicacy is the huitlacoche. It’s an edible fungus that grows on the top of corn, and was considered a favorite of the kings of the pre-Hispanic era.…

Delicias de la Cocina Prehispánica

En Hotel Mansión Iturbe te recomendamos una experiencia única al visitar el mercado de Pátzcuaro. Descubre una gran variedad de productos como las diferentes plantas de la Región Lacustre, frutas, hierbas, quesos, especias locales, pescados, gastronomía local como las corundas, uchepos, tortillas de colores, charales, carnitas y mucho más.
Productos exóticos y gourmets, que han formado parte de nuestra gastronomía desde la época prehispánica y son un legado en la alimentación de los michoacanos.

En temporada de lluvias, se cosechan una gran cantidad de productos en las comunidades del Lago de Pátzcuaro y en el mercado encuentras una gran variedad de plantas, vegetales y frutas, que son de temporada y que los vemos plasmados en los deliciosos platillos de la temporada.
Sobresalen los elotes y las calabazas por todas partes. El maíz, junto con el frijol y el chile, no puede faltar en la cocina mexicana, que es parte fundamental de la cadena alimenticia que va desde la siembra, cosecha y co…

Pottery in and around Pátzcuaro

Michoacánpottery is known not only for its quality, but also for the ancestral techniques used, and distinctive   designs   that   make   them   so   immediately   identifiable.   Pre-hispanic   techniques   were improved and perfected with the help of Don Vasco de Quiroga.  This resulted in the indigenous communities being able to take advantage of each community having its own specialty.  This avoids duplication of effort.

Don Vasco de Quiroga sought to improve and organize handicrafts for the indigenous, and today – 500 years later – they remain the livelihood of many indigenous families in different communities of Michoacán, many of them located in the Region of the Lake of Pátzcuaro.
At Hotel Mansion Iturbe, we invite you, during your visit to our “Pueblo Mágico”, to visit these villages, meet the artists, and admire their hard work.  With your support, the artisans can preserve their culture and part of their identity.

You will find different clay techniques, including burnished cl…