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Holy Week in Patzcuaro Rings On!

Holy Week  2014 in Patzcuaro was a great time for our visitors to enjoy the lovely natural and cultural attractions of the area.   This is not to mention the rich traditions of our local folk art.  Mexican folk arts and crafts at the Artisan Market in Patzcuaro The Artisan Market was there as usual in the Plaza Vasco de Quiroga , but this year with the addition of a good-size space in front of the Ex Colegio Jesuita.   Other regions were represented there, such as Zinapecuaro and Tlalpujahua , the latter of which had some exquisite works of fine glassware (flowers, fruits, etc.).  Glassware at the Artisan Market in Patzcuaro during the Holy Week Artisans of Michoacan are uniquely gifted, with their unmatched creativity and brilliance. But that also extends to things of the palate, with an equally infinite smorgasbord of liqueurs, delicious cheeses, regional sweets, etc.  Folk Art made by the Artisans of Michoacan at the Artisan Market in Pátzcuaro during th

Ecos de la Semana Santa en Pátzcuaro

Durante esta Semana Santa 2014 en Pátzcuaro , nuestros visitantes pudieron gozar de nuestros diferentes atractivos naturales y culturales. Disfrutar de representaciones artísticas, deleitarse con la cocina michoacana ,   nuestras ricas tradiciones y comprar el Arte Popular realizado por los artesanos michoacanos .  Alfarería de Zinapecuaro en el Tianguis Artesanal de Pátzcuaro El Tianguis Artesanal se instaló en la Plaza Vasco de Quiroga y tuvo una extensión en la explanada del Centro Cultural Antiguo Colegio Jesuita .   En este Tianguis Artesanal además de las artesanías de Pátzcuaro y la Región Lacustre, también pudimos apreciar artesanías de diferentes lugares de Michoacán , como la alfarería de Zinapécuaro   o las esferas en forma de fruta provenientes de Tlalpujahua. Artesania Michoacana de Tlalpujahua en el Tianguis Artesanal en Pátzcuaro   Arte Popular Mexicano en el Tianguis Artesanal en Pátzcuaro Una muestra de los grandes dones que tienen los artesanos

Las Chicaleras: Another Tradition of Holy Week in Patzcuaro

During Holy Week in Patzcuaro , “las Chicaleras” – true traditional cooks from Pichátaro , about 20 miles from Patzcuaro – converge on Patzcuaro’s Plaza San Francisco with their delicious culinary delights.    Prehispanic mexican food made by las Chicaleras in Patzcuaro The word “Chicaleras” comes from “chicales,” which is corn cooked in brown sugar, normally after soaking in water for three days.  Chicales Mexican Prehispanic food from the Mexican Cuisine Another specialty of the Chicaleras is wheat tamales .   These spongy morsels are prepared from ancestral recipes , and are just one of the countless varieties of Mexican tamales .  Wheat tamales authentic mexican cuisine These tamales are prepared in large metal vats over open fires. The aroma permeates the entire area, inviting the locals and tourists alike to come and enjoy this rich tradition. Mexican prehispanic food can be found in Patzcuaro Holy Week is the only time the Chicale

Las Chicaleras de Semana Santa en Pátzcuaro

Durante la Semana Santa en Pátzcuaro , en la Plazuela de San Francisco se instalan las Chicaleras , que son auténticas cocineras tradicionales    provenientes de la comunidad de Pichátaro, localizada a 34 kms de Pátzcuaro , una antigua tradición que llama la atención de nuestros huéspedes en Hotel Mansión Iturbe.  Chicaleras de Pichataro en Semana Santa en Pátzcuaro Las Chicaleras venden tamales de harina de trigo , los cuales son esponjosos y con un sabor neutro preservando recetas ancestrales y que es muestra de la diversidad de tamales que existen en México.  Tamales de Harina de Trigo, durante la Semana Santa en Pátzcuaro Otro de los productos que venden son los chicales , que es maíz cocido en piloncillo. Son mazorcas de maíz morado , normalmente las remojan en agua por tres días y las cosen en piloncillo.   Chicales en Semana Santa en Pátzcuaro Estos tamales de harina de trigo , son preparados en grandes tinas de lámina que colocan sobre fogatas que hace

Holy Week 2014 in Patzcuaro

During Holy Week 2014 in Patzcuaro , there are a lot of activities to enjoy, including our traditions, culture, folk art, and or delicious cuisine. The activities begin April 11, beginning with “Altars of Pain” in and about Patzcuaro .  Altars of Pain in Patzcuaro at Hotel Mansion Iturbe during Holy Week  Palm Sunday in Patzcuaro is a true event of tradition.   It’s an emotional experience to see the streets full of palm leaves, and the faithful crowding the temples on this important day.  Palm Sunday in Patzcuaro  We at Hotel Mansion Iturbe participate with our own Altar of Pain.   La Casa de los Once Patios has their version, and there is always a lovely Virgin next to the Mayor’s office in the Plaza Vasco de Quiroga .  Altar of Pain in Pátzcuaro at Casa de los Once Patios This week – April 12 -20 this year – is always important for the local artisans.   Their 300-or-so stalls take up the perimeter of the huge Plaza Vasco de Quiroga , just across