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Mural of a Brief History of Patzcuaro

The “Mural of a Brief History of Pátzcuaro” was inaugurated in 2019, as part of the celebrations for the 485th Anniversary of our Magic Village. The mural is found inside the Town Hall, in front of our Plaza Vasco de Quiroga , a very short distance from our Hotel Mansion Iturbe . This mural, which captures a brief history of Pátzcuaro , was executed by the renowned Michoacan artist, Maestro Juan Torres Calderón . Mural of Brief History of Patzcuaro The Mural is painted with vivid colors.  In the center we find our Virgin of Health of Pátzcuaro and scenes as representative as the Night of the Dead and important individuals such as Don Vasco de Quiroga . We see our famous lake, fish, nets, and people of the communities in the course of their daily lives performing different trades, such as fishing, cooking, and creating artisan ware.  Other traditions and folklore are depicted handsomely. Examine the work carefully and leisurely, appreciating the different levels of detail tha

El Mural de la Breve Historia de Pátzcuaro

El Mural de la Breve Historia de Pátzcuaro fue inaugurado en el 2019, en el marco de los festejos por el 485 Aniversario de nuestro Pueblo Mágico. Se localiza en el interior del Ayuntamiento, frente a la Plaza Vasco de Quiroga a muy corta distancia de nuestro Hotel Mansión Iturbe . Este Mural, que plasma una breve historia de Pátzcuaro , fue realizado por el reconocido artista Michoacano, el Maestro Juan Torres Calderón . Mural Breve Historia de Patzcuaro del Maestro Juan Torres Calderoó El Mural cuenta con un gran colorido, en el centro destaca la Virgen de la Salud de Pátzcuaro y escenas tan representativas como la Noche de Muertos y personajes como Don Vasco de Quiroga . Se puede observar el lago, los peces, las redes, la gente de las comunidades en su vida cotidiana realizando diferentes oficios, como los pescadores, las cocineras tradicionales y los artesanos; así como las tradiciones y folklore. Date tiempo para observarlo con calma y disfrutar los diferentes detal

The Many Branches of Artisan Ware in Michoacan

Searching for and buying handicrafts from Michoacan is one of the things that our guests at Hotel Mansion Iturbe .enjoy the most.  Pátzcuaro is an artisan center par excellence.  And in our Pueblo Mágico, you can find a huge variety of handicrafts from different places in Michoacán . Artisan from Patanbam Michoacan By buying handicrafts , you help sustain a tradition, but support artistic expressions that spring from the heart, using ancestral techniques that have been passed through the years from parents to children and that are part of their identity.  This gives craftsmen the opportunity to continue working in their trade, and to have access to a better standard of living.  In return. you can get an original piece to enjoy for years. Ocumicho Devil Masks: Clay Crafts from Michoacan In Michoacán we have great artists, who produce works of Mexican folk art , valued all over the world. Many ask, just what are the crafts of Michoacán? Clay Pineapples from San Jose de Gracia, Michoa