Michoacan Carnitas – a Mexican Delicacy

You MUST have Michoacan carnitas on your list of dishes to try.  When our guests at Hotel Mansion Iturbe ask what are the most exemplary dishes of Michoacan, we HAVE to include carnitas.

Michoacan Carnitas a delicious mexican food
Michoacan Carnitas a delicious mexican food

Carnitas are a delicacy in Latinamerican cousine.  A pork product introduced to “New Spain” (Mexico) by Hernán Cortez and quickly spread to all points of what today is Mexico.  An interesting footnote:  In the sixteenth century, if you ate pork, that in itself was clear proof that you were Catholic!

Carnitas are prepared in different ways in different parts of Mexico, but Michoacan is the carnitas mecca, and some towns, such as Quiroga, are practically synonymous with carnitas.
Michoacan Cuisine: try the delicious Carnitas
One of the favorites dishes in Michoacan: Carnitas
Patzcuaro, Santa Clara del Cobre, and Tacambaro are notable runners-up; the latter has recently instituted its own Feria de las Carnitas!  If you get hooked on this delicacy, you may be interested in making your own carnitas tour, that could include other “carnitas center,” such as Uruapan, la Piedad, Sahuayo, Huandacareo, Zinapecuaro, and even our capital, Morelia.

Carnitas tacos are delicious
Carnitas tacos are delicious

Carnitas are typically prepared in a large copper cooking vessel over firewood until most of the lard is extracted.  Aficionados each have their favorite body parts!  Some crave MACIZA, others will walk a mile for CUERTITOS.  “Bet you can’t eat just one” would certainly apply to carnitas tacos!  They are typically accompanied by various sauces, hot chiles, carrots, cauliflower, etc, in vinegar, cilantro, and onions.  Fresh, hand-made tortillas is the perfect complement.

Sauce for Carnitas Tacos
Sauce for Carnitas Tacos

Sunday is the favorite day for carnitas in Michoacan.  It’s common to find a side dish of delicious guacamole – made with Michoacán’s very own avocados, of course! – along with the other accoutrements mentioned above.

Mexican Food: Michoacan Carnitas
Mexican Food: Michoacan Carnitas

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