Fourth Piano Festival in Patzcuaro

The Fourth Piano Festival in Pátzcuaro will take place from April 13 to May 18 – more than a month of intense cultural activity in Pátzcuaro with some great piano music.
The National Institute of Fine Arts (Mexico City) is supporting this event, most of which will take place in the Teatro Emperador Caltzontzin (Emperor Caltzontzin Theater) in downtown Pátzcuaro and just a few blocks from Hotel Mansión Iturbe.

Fourth Piano Festival in Patzcuaro
Fourth Piano Festival in Patzcuaro
Other venues of the event are the Ex Colegio Jesuita (a block from the Basilica ), just up the hill from the Hotel Mansion Iturbe, and the Auditorium of CREFAL on the road going toward Morelia.
Soloists from the Institute in Mexico City will kick off the program on April 13, followed by performers from the Conservatory in Morelia, and finally a program of performers from Pátzcuaro will top off the season on May 8, during which Andrew Carhartt is slated as the guest performer.
The categories of music will be Gala, educational, and locals (all from Patzcuaro). All the events will be free of charge, with the exception of the Gala ($50 pesos).

Fourth Piano Festival in Patzcuaro
Fourth Piano Festival in Patzcuaro
Here’s the schedule of the Fourth Piano Festival in Patzcuaro:
Gala Concert: Teatro Emperador Caltzontzin 8:00 pm
Claudio Herrera / April 13
Edison Quintana / April 20
Carlos Salmerón y Laura Villafranca / April 27
Daniel Rodríguez / May 4.
Alexis Aranda / May 11
Hannia Berenice Alvarez Acuña / May 18
Conciertos de Música Popular: Teatro Emperador Caltzontzin 8:00 pm (Free)
Juan Carlos Antúnez / April 17
Luis Rosendo Vallejo / April 24.
Nika Joniecenoka / May 5
Conciertos Didácticos 11:00 am. (Free)

Josías A Sierra / April 18
Daniel Torres / April 25

Ex Colegio
Iris Ramírez / May 2
Jesús A. Niño / May 9

Teatro Emperador Caltzontzin
Pianists from Pátzcuaro 8:00 pm. (Free)
May 8
Participants: José Madrigal Reyes, David Gerardo Garza del Río, Martha Acuña García, Oscar Sosa Monroy y Juan Carlos Quiroz González
Special Guest: Andrew Carhartt
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