Juan O’Gorman’s Mural in Pátzcuaro

You can find Juan O’Gorman’s mural, illustrating the history of the State of Michoacan, in the Public Library in Patzcuaro.  It’s one of the principal attractions of our town, and we recommend it to all our guests at Hotel Mansion Iturbe

Juan O' Gorman's Mural in Pátzcuaro
Juan O'Gorman's Mural in Pátzcuaro

The mural is – or should be – part of any tour of Patzcuaro.  It’s a fantastic way to see “at a glance” the history of Michoacan in a huge, colorful, pictorial manner.

 It depicts pre-Hispanic times, with the very creation of the Purépecha people, their lives before the time of the Spanish Conquest, and the effect the Conquest had on them, including the horror with which they were initially treated.  Then we see the arrival of the first bishop Don Vasco de Quiroga, who strove to protect and safeguard the indigenous.  In the same mural, we see images of more recent history, including images of our dear José María Morelos y Pavón.

Juan O'Gorman Mural in Patzcuaro
Juan O'Gorman Mural in Patzcuaro

The gigantic mural spans centuries of Michoacan history, including the eruption of a volcano, life around Lake Patzcuaro, wars, celebrations, daily life, things like the introduction of horses by the Spaniards, and some personal observations by the painter.
Juan O’Gorman even included his wife and himself in the mural!  It will be up to you to find them!  O’Gorman began the painting in 1941 and finished it in a year.  Pretty amazing.
Juan O'Gorman Mural at the Public Library in Patzcuaro
Juan O'Gorman Mural at the Public Library in Patzcuaro

Curiously, the mural was financed by an American businessman, Edgar J. Kaufman, of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, to be painted in the US, but O’Gorman convinced Kaufman to let him paint it in Mexico, and he chose Patzcuaro.  How lucky we are!

You must not miss this outstanding mural on your next trip to Patzcuaro!  It’s two blocks from Hotel Mansion Iturbe!
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