Lake Zirahuén – One of the Most Beautiful Lakes in All Mexico

Lake Zirahuén is a short distance from Pátzcuaro, and is a favorite spot for our guests at Hotel Mansión Iturbe who enjoy the outdoors.

Lake Zirahuen in Michoacán
Lake Zirahuen in Michoacán

Lake Zirahuén is one of the cleanest and most beautiful lakes in Mexico; with its gorgeous mountains, some compare it to Lake Tahoe in the US.  Lake Zirahuén is only 25 kilometers (16 miles) from Pátzcuaro.  You can get to this lovely paradise using Route 14D going toward Uruapan.

Lake Zirahuen one of he nicest in Mexico
Lake Zirahuen one of he nicest in Mexico

Lake Zirahuén – like many parts of our area – has its own legend:  When the Spanish arrived in Michoacán, one of the conquistadors fell in love with Princess Eréndira, daughter of Cazonci Tanganxoán, King of the Purépechas.  The Spaniard kidnapped the princess and hid in a marvelous valley surrounded by mountains. Deeply saddened, the beautiful princess cried incessantly over a huge rock.  In this way was formed the large lake.

Lake Zirahuen in Michoacan close to Patzcuaro
Lake Zirahuen in Michoacan close to Patzcuaro

Wishing to escape from her captor, the princess threw herself into the lake, spellbound, and turned into a mermaid.  With that, the name of the lake became Zirahuén, which in Purépecha means, “mirror of the gods.”

Lake Zirahuen on of he nicest in Mexico
Lake Zirahuen on of he nicest in Mexico

They say the mermaid still haunts the lake and during the night she comes to the surface from the depths to enchant men and drown them.  Some fishermen have indeed disappeared, their bodies showing up several days later.

Visit Zirahuén and enjoy a relaxing day in the country.  You can dock at one of the piers around the lake and enjoy a traditional meal, such as fish soup or fried fish with freshly made corn tortillas.

Lake Zirahuen in Michoacan
Lake Zirahuen in Michoacan

The town of Zirahuén is known for its huge wooden spoons.  Also, people from far and wide hire their excellent bands to play for their private parties.

Artisan Toy from Zirahuen
Artisan Toy from Zirahuen
Another option is to visit the rustic tourist development located on the Rincón de Agua Verde, a little alcove on the lake, where you can enjoy a light meal and perhaps the zip line across the alcove – or perhaps just photographing the youngsters zipping overhead!

Lake Zirahuen in Michoacán
Lake Zirahuen in Michoacán

In the same day, you can also top off your adventure with a drive to the nearby Pueblo Mágico Santa Clara del Cobre, which is practically down the street (15 km) from Zirahuén, and also borders the Lake. More beautiful landscapes.  You mustn’t miss the interesting National Copper Museum just off the main square; and you must visit a couple copper workshops and watch some copper workers doing their craft.

Copper Handicrafts from Santa Clara del Cobre

There’s a new toll road (Highway 120) between Santa Clara and Pátzcuaro that can save you a bit of time returning to Mansión Iturbe.

Let us know and we can fix you up with a driver to these wonderful destinations.

Check this out!  You will enjoy nature and discover one of the most beautiful lakes in Mexico.  And if you like genuine folk art, enjoy a getaway to Santa Clara del Cobre!

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