How to get to Janitzio from Patzcuaro

How to get to Janitzio from Patzcuaro, This is a question that we get repeatedly from our guests at Hotel Mansion Iturbe.

Janitzio is one of the local destination of our visitors. But the fact that it’s an island on our lake is sometimes daunting to the uninitiated. Getting to this icon of Michoacan is really a piece of cake!

Janitzio Island at Patzcuaro Lake
Janitzio Island at Pátzcuaro Lake

You have three options and they are easy as pie.  (Cake? Pie? Are you hungry yet?)

First Option:  From Hotel Mansion Iturbe, you can take a taxi to the wharf (Muelle General).  There is a kiosk in front of the pier where they sell tickets on the traditional boats for $50 pesos (round trip), and they bring you back to the Muelle General in about a half hour. The price may fluctuate one way or the other.
Video of Janitzio Island from the Boat

You need to remember that the “rush hour” for the people who live on Janitzio coming to Pátzcuaro to do their business is between 8:00 and 9:00 a.m. You probably don’t want to plan your trip at this hour.  Also!  The last boat from Janitzio is at 6:00 p.m. Don’t miss that boat!

Boat ride to Janitzio Island at Patzcuaro Lake
Boat ride to Janitzio Island at Patzcuaro Lake

While you’re waiting for your boat to leave, you may have time to check out the artisan shops and small restaurants at the quay, where they serve up typical Patzcuaro snacks and light meals.

Second Option:  If you want a private boat to Janitzio, you can ask about it at the same window where you would buy the general ticket. The price will depend on the season and exactly where you want to go, and how long you want to stay. If you want a tour of the various islands of Lake Patzcuaro, this is how you want to go.
Public Transportation to Janitzio at Pátzcuaro Lake

Third Option:  Your other possibility is from a different wharf, Muelle de San Pedrito, about a mile down the road. It’s smaller than the Muelle General, but is prettier, more quaint, and in a more natural setting. You will also find gastronomical treats and artisanware at this quay. Note:  If you choose this option, you may want to consider arranging for your ground transportation beforehand because there is no regular taxi stand at San Pedrito.

Muelle San Pedrito in Patzcuaro where you can take a boat to Jantizio
Muelle San Pedrito in Pátzcuaro where you can take a boat to Janitzio
In any case, we recommend that you enjoy a nice breakfast at our Restaurante Doña Paca before leaving on this trip. You’re going to need the energy for all the exercise you’re going to get at Janitzio. That is to say, the only way to get to the top of Janitzio is on foot. And then, of course, you have to decide if you want to walk up the stairs of the statue itself. Lots of calorie-burning there!

We hope you will enjoy your visit to the famous Janitzio – one of the most visited destinations in all of Michoacan.

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