The Legend of the Fuente del Torito in Patzcuaro (Fountain of the Little Bull)

In a Pueblo Magico (“Magical Village”) like Patzcuaro, there are bound to be many legends.  One of them pertains to the Fountain of the Little Bull, located just a block from Hotel Mansión Iturbe, walking down Iturbe Street toward the Plaza Gertrudis Bocanegra (“Plaza Chica”).  The fountain is part of just about any tour of Patzcuaro.  It’s one of the most well-known fountains in this Pueblo Magico.

Such stories and legends are handed down from generation to generation and become part of the fabric of our community.
The Fountain of the Little Bull in Patzcuaro
The Fontain of the Little Bull in Patzcuaro

The legend goes this way:  A fountain was in the middle of Iturbe Street.  It was a cute little fountain.  But one day, a little bull got in the way of a man on horseback and distracted him, and the man was killed when he crashed into the fountain.  The fountain was put on trial and, after lengthy deliberation, it was decided that the fountain was guilty of homicide.  The fountain was first sentenced to destruction, but got a reprieve and instead was moved to the corner, where it is today.

Visit Patzcuaro; walk our streets, relive our legends, and admire the colonial architecture!
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