Carnitas and Cheese Fair in Tacámbaro

The Carnitas and Cheese Fair in Tacámbaro takes place September 27-29 this year – and what a great excuse (in case you needed one!) to visit our area this weekend!  Tacámbaro, located a scant 55 kilometers from Pátzcuaro, has only recently acquired the status of “Pueblo Mágico” (Magical Village), and this is their first Carnitas and Cheese Festival.

Carnitas and Cheese Fair in Tacambaro
Carnitas and Cheese Fair in Tacambaro

The drive to Tacámbaro from Pátzcuaro is a lovely one, with mile after mile of mature pine trees, and picturesque avocado orchards, for which this area is known.

The Ecological Park Cerro Hueco is a beautiful natural attraction; you’ll also find the famous Alberca (Pool), which is actually a small lake – or rather a crater of an extinct volcano in a gorgeous natural wooded setting.

This Fair is held in the main plaza of historical downtown Tacámbaro.  Here you will enjoy one of the most representative of Michoacán cousine:  Carnitas.
Pork Carnitas from Michoacan
Pork Carnitas from Michoacan
Carnitas, literally “little meats,” are a type of braised or roasted pork. Pork carnitas are traditionally made using the heavily marbled, rich 'boston butt' or 'picnic ham' cuts of pork.

Get ready to enjoy this succulent Michoacán dish; 30 different Michoacán towns will be there to strut their stuff!

Artisans from the area will be offering their wares, and various cultural events will also be part of the program.

“Tacámbaro” in Purépecha means “Place of the Palms.”  You shouldn’t miss the Cathedral of Tacámbaro in the Main Plaza.  And of particular note is the Santuario de Fátima (Sanctuary of Fátima), with its four “Refugee” paintings of the virgin.  They “escaped” from Poland, Lithuania, Cuba, and Hungary during the twentieth century when they were declared “unsuitable” by the communists.

Tacambaro: Panoramic View from the Sanctuary of Farima
Tacámbaro: Panoramic View from the Sanctuary of Farima
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