Festival Huellas in Patzcuaro, Michoacán

“Festival Huellas, Música Antigua y Tradicional” took place in Pátzcuaro (Los Once Patios, a five-minute walk from Hotel Mansión Iturbe) May 14-17.  It was the place to go to see and hear great music spanning the centuries.

May 16 was especially important for the writer of this article Andrew Carhartt.
Festival Huellas in Pátzcuaro, Michoacán
Festival Huellas in Pátzcuaro, Michoacán
The exceptionally talented harpist, Bárbara Cerón from Mexico City  (www.barbaraceron.com), came to Pátzcuaro and gave a week-long harp workshop.  We three students – Ismael Guardado from Guadalajara, and Hector Gonzales and me, Andrew Carhartt, who live here in Pátzcuaro, attended the workshop, and performed with Ms. Cerón at Los Once Patios on May 16.  Ms. Cerón also performed solo, and along with other excellent musicians.

If you, as I, have never heard four harps “jamming,” it is an extraordinary sound, and a very exciting experience.  And what fun, when a handful of brave girls from the audience got up and danced Guacamaya!

Festival Huellas in Pátzcuaro, Michoacán
Festival Huellas in Pátzcuaro, Michoacán
Look for “Festival Huellas, Música Antigua y Tradicional” around this time next year.  We may be back with even more harps!

Ms. Cerón brought a most interesting instrument – a chromatic harp – with her.  The chromatic harp has all the white and black notes (though not all octaves, of course) on the piano.  (A typical harp has only the white notes, and they have to be flattened or sharpened – either with pedals or levers – to access the black notes.)  The “white notes” of the chromatic harp are on one side extending down to the baseboard, and crisscross the “black notes” coming similarly from the other side.  According to Ms. Cerón, there are only two of these chromatic harps in all Mexico, and she has one of them.  Apparently, this instrument is more common in Spain than in Mexico.
Barbara Ceron -  Harpist
Barbara Ceron -  Harpist
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