The Festival of the Green Cross in Patzcuaro

If you like to become acquainted with Mexican holidays, we invite you to visit Patzcuaro and participate in the Festival of the Green Cross, where you will enjoy the different religious and cultural activities that are very much a part of the Patzcuaro tradition.

The Green Cross Temple in Patzcuaro
 It starts April 25 and leads to the grand finale on May 3rd. Devoted people hold this day in high esteem. Activities begin early in the morning of May 3rd at the Cruz Verde temple (on the corner of Cruz Verde and Obregón) with morning services, and later on, the blessing of the crosses.
The people of the Cruz Verde community celebrate this festivity enthusiastically and with devotion. The pageantry has been handed down from generation to generation, and the people celebrate it in the streets with conviction, but with a festive, colorful, and joyful spirit.

Holidays in Mexico: May 3rd Day of the Holy Cross

The festival dates back to Don Vasco de Quiroga. The cross itself (still in the temple) was made by the indigenous and was originally referred to as the Cross of the Missionaries, but later, people noted that the tender piece of wood it was made of never hardened or became brittle, and it became known as the Green Cross.
As the culmination of the festival, on the afternoon of May 3rd we see various celebrations in downtown historical Patzcuaro with people in the streets wearing traditional dress. This is the symbolic beginning of the planting season; many farmers believe May 3rd to be the ideal day to plant in order to get the best harvest. In the evening, we see fairs and fireworks.

Mexican Traditions on May 3rd in Patzcuaro

Come and enjoy one of our mexican holidays The Festival of the Green Cross in Patzcuaro is an uplifting and enthusiastic one for the community. Come and join the celebration!
Mexican Folklore in Patzcuaro on May 3rd
Text: Property of Hotel Mansion Iturbe.
Photography: Miguel Angel Madujano.
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