Day of the Dead in Patzcuaro

Day of the Dead is a celebration of the indigenous (Purépecha) communities, and one for which we all have the greatest respect.

Declared by UNESCO as an Intangible Heritage of Humanity (2003), this yearly event is close at hand (November 1). For Pátzcuaro and surrounding towns Day of the Dead, “Animeecheri kúinchekua” (The Fest of the Souls) in the native language, is one of the most representative traditions in Mexico. There have been renewed efforts in recent years to preserve this “world-view” tradition of the Purépecha communities.
Day of the Dead in Patzcuaro
Day of the Dead in Patzcuaro
Our hotel in Pátzcuaro, Mansión Iturbe invites you to become acquainted with this ceremonial ritual – a pride of Michoacán.
This ritual is regulated according to the canons of the communities, all the members of which understand and respect it. There are many variations on the theme, but they all share common elements to celebrate Day of the Dead.
Day of the Dead in Patzcuaro
Day of the Dead in Patzcuaro
The day is marked by innumerable bright orange marigolds in virtually every cemetery, along with individual offerings/dedications, altars, and candles that will burn until well after sunrise. This is a tribute to the other life, the time to commune. Those who have passed on “return” to share this time with their families.
It is customary in all the Purépecha villages to provide food to the deceased that he or she was most fond of. This includes some of the most delicious dishes of Michoacán, including corundas (similar to tamales, but wrapped in a long green corn plant leaf, and folded, making a triangular shape) tamales, pozole, atole, traditional “Bread of the Dead,” candied pumpkin, steamed pear squash, and various fruits.

Day of the Dead in Patzcuaro
Day of the Dead in Patzcuaro

Graves in the Purépecha cemeteries, adorned as mentioned above, become altars to the deceased family members, and are therefore treated with all due respect. For all their color and festive appearance, they are offerings to the relatives who have been “invited” to share the day with their descendants. There is a feeling of anticipation in the air around the graves. Many families remain at the gravesite all night long, until well after sunrise.

Day of the Dead in Patzcuaro
Day of the Dead in Patzcuaro

Day of the Dead is an important tradition. People from all over the world visit Pátzcuaro during Day of the Dead. We at Hotel Mansion Iturbe invite you to partake in this experience, with the utmost reverence and respect.

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