Autopista Arco Norte – a new short cut from the east

Now, drivers from Puebla, Tlaxcala, Hidalgo, and other states of the republic, can get to Patzcuaro quicker than ever.  That means Mansión Iturbe – the renowned 17th Century hotel facing the famous Plaza Vasco de Quiroga – is also more accessible from major points east.  Mansión Iturbe is on the federal registry of Historical Hotels.

The new Arco Norte facilitates access between major destinations, including the Purhépecha basin.  Its 223 kilometers (138 miles) pass through the states of Mexico, Hidalgo, Tlaxcala and Puebla, hooking up with the following autopistas:  México-Querétaro, México-Pachuca, México-Tuxpan (vía Tulancingo), México-Puebla, and México-Guadalajara.

            This important new autopista shortens the driving distances considerably, decreasing road time to your favorite destinations to enjoy architecture, archaeology, local artisanry, and culinary delights, as well as the unsurpassed beauty of Mother Nature.  

Speaking of culinary delights, one of the favorite dishes of Central Mexico is savory lamb, its preparation dating to prehispanic times.   Typically, it is wrapped in leaves and buried in the ground to cook slowly over previously heated wood; the surrounding rocks – having absorbed the heat – provide the heat necessary to cook the meat thoroughly.  It bastes in a chile sauce.  Exhumed, the tender meat is served either in tortillas, or in a rich, hot consomé.

            Barbacoa from the State of Hidalgo has its own fair in Actopan on July 8 with a competition to determine the best “barbaroer” of the year.

            But back to Pátzcuaro, whose lamb barbacoa is known far and wide.  There are several very popular barbacoa outlets in the outdoor market just a few blocks from Mansión Iturbe, as well as other outlets in the outlaying areas.

And Santa Clara del Cobre – another Pueblo Mágico just fourty five minutes away from Pátzcuaro – touts its own scrumptious version of lamb barbacoa prepared later in the afternoon.  Visit the numerous, fabulous copper shops during the day, and enjoy some mouth-watering lamb barbacoa off of the main plaza to replenish those calories you spent walking around town. 

Or!  Perhaps order a “to-go” platillo from both Santa Clara and Pátzcuaro, take them back to Mansión Iturbe, and compare the two in the comfort of the outdoor courtyard with your favorite beverage, and have your own competition as to which is best!  What could be finer?

The new “Arco Norte” gets you more quickly to where you want to be – Pátzcuaro and the heart of the Purhépecha.  There’s no place like it….  And you’ll be back again and again.

Text and photos Property of Hotel Mansión Iturbe.

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