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The Perfect Getaway: Lake Pátzcuaro – At Your Fingertips!

On your next visit to Patzcuaro, connect with Lake Patzcuaro. Live a unique, mellow experience. Enjoy the moment.  Take it easy.  In harmony with nature.
Remember what it’s like not have to look at your watch.  Recall the small pleasures that are at our fingertips.

Lake Patzcuaro in Michoacan Mexico
Lake Patzcuaro in Michoacan Mexico
A tour of Lake Patzcuaro is an excellent “instant recall.”  And the easiest way is to make a boat trip to the island of Janitzio, one of the most emblematic places of Michoacan, and one of the favorite places to visit during your stay of our guests at Hotel Mansion Iturbe in Patzcuaro.

Fishermen at Lake Patzcuaro, Michoacan, Mexico
Fishermen at Lake Patzcuaro, Michoacan, Mexico

Janitzio is a destination of local, national, and international renown.  It is an indigenous community where traditions are preserved, and ancestral customs are honored.

 Janitzio at Lake Pátzcuaro

The only way to get to Janitzio is on one of the boats that leave from the “embarcadero,” or public docks, of Patzcuaro.  It’s a very smooth ride that lasts about a half hour, and you get a great panorama of Lake of Patzcuaro and its surroundings.

Lake Patzcuaro and the Island of Janitzio
Lake Patzcuaro and the Island of Janitzio
During the excursion, in addition to the panoramic view of the island of Janitzio, you can see in the distance the different typical villages of the lakeside, surrounded by lovely rising mountains that surround Lake Patzcuaro.

Lake Patzcuaro in Michoacan, Mexico.
 Lake Patzcuaro in Michoacan, Mexico.

We recommend that you take the time to discover the other four islands, as well.  On Yunuen and Pacanda, you will find centers managed by the indigenous community ecotourism.  The smaller islands of Tecuena and Tecuenita are also charming.

Ask around at the embarcadero for trips to these other islands.  You can also hire a private boat.

View of Lake Pátzcuaro from Jantizio
View of Lake Pátzcuaro from Jantizio
The community of Jaracuaro was an island 30-40 years ago.  It is birthplace of the legendary dance of the Viejitos.  It is also famous for its hand-made straw hats.  The island of Uranden is world famous for its canoeists.

Fishemen at Lake Patzcuaro
Fishemen at Lake Patzcuaro

When you visit the islands of Lake Patzcuaro and its different communities, engage the locals in conversation.  They are friendly people, proud of their customs. Discover the traditions and support the local economies by buying their products.

Local Restaurant in Janitzio at Lake Patzcuaro
Local Restaurant in Janitzio at Lake Patzcuaro

You can take back home a piece of unique Mexican folkart.  Perhaps you will be able to say that you had the opportunity to see how they made it.  You can also enjoy delicious cuisine, or buy locally produced bread, fruits and vegetables to take back to your hotel.

Live a different experience, enjoying a quiet atmosphere, free from the noise and pollution of the big cities.

View of the Lake Pátzcuaro from Janitzio Island

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