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Patzcuaro Piano Festival – 2013

The Patzcuaro Piano Festival was organized in 2000 and continued to 2002.  It was originally proposed by Daniel Marquez, then on the board of trustees of the Ex Colegio.  Sr. Marquez and a group of other citizens make up the independent Advisory Council of Cultural Development.  
They recently proposed to the Patzcuaro Office of Culture and Tourism that they reexamine the viability and attraction of the Piano Festival program that began in 2000.  Their proposal was accepted and the group went to work organizing.
Pátzcuaro Piano Festival 2013
Pátzcuaro Piano Festival 2013
The Festival began April 13 and went through May 18. The Mayor of Patzcuaro, Salma Karrum Cervantes, and other dignitaries attended several of the programs.  Most of the programs took place in the large Teatro Emperador Caltzontzín, which is next door to the Public Library.
Patzcuaro Piano Festival 2013
Patzcuaro Piano Festival 2013
The INBA (National Institute of Fine Arts, Mexico City) was represented in five of the thirteen programs, and were represented by Claudio Herrera, Edison Quintana, Carlos Salmerón/Laura Villafranca (four hands), Daniel Rodriguez, and Alexis Aranda. The tickets for these events cost a nominal $50 pesos (the rest of the programs were free).
The Conservatorio de las Rosas (Morelia) also had five participants, including Hannia Bernice Alvarez Acuña, Josias A. Sierra, Daniel Torres, Iris Ramirez, Jesus A. Niño. The Patzcuarenses al Piano program touted five performers, David Gerardo Garza del Rio, Martha Acuña Garcia, Oscar Sosa Monroy, Juan Carlos Quiroz Gonzalez, and special guest Andrew Carhartt. The audiences were invariably enthusiastic. Encores were commonplace.
Patzcuaro Piano Festival 2013
Patzcuaro Piano Festival 2013
Only one unfortunate thing, and it has to do with the piano itself: The five-foot Yamaha (on loan from the Ex Colegio) was just not up to the task in a space as big as the Teatro.  Performers sometimes had to apply significant pressure on the keys to produce the desired volume.  A larger instrument would be the cat’s meow!  Who knows?  Maybe next year it will be a dream come true!  Other than that, everyone was thrilled about the entire Festival.

Sr. Marquez, along with the rest of us piano aficionados, is expecting that the Piano Festival will continue well into the future.
Patzcuaro Piano Festival 2013
Patzcuaro Piano Festival 2013
* This article about the Patzcuaro Piano Festival was written by our friend Andrew Carhatt who was also a special guest in one of the concerts at the Festival.
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