Janitzio is the main island of Lake Pátzcuaro in the state of Michoacán, Mexico.

Janitzio can be reached by boats which run regularly back and forth from Pátzcuaro’s pier (embarcadero). If you want to investigate other parts of the lake – including the lesser-known islands – you can hire a boat for a personalized tour.  Janitzio is famous, among other things, for the fishermen who cast their butterfly-shaped nets to catch the local famous cuisine “pescado blanco” (white fish). 

San Pedrito Pier at Lake Patzcuaro
San Pedrito Pier at Lake Patzcuaro

A 38-meter (120-foot) stone statue of José María Morelos, a great hero of Mexico’s independence, and is found on the island’s highest point.  With the help of the 22nd Regiment of the Mexican Army, it was erected in two years (1934-1935). The statue can be easily seen from many of the villages around the lake, including Patzcuaro.  

Janitzio Island at Lake Pátzcuaro
Janitzio Island at Lake Pátzcuaro

You can climb to the top of the statue by way of a staircase that spirals along the perimeter.  Along the interior walls, the life of Morelos is depicted in murals painted by Ramón Alba de la Canal and other great Mexican muralists.  It is a good Mexican history lesson.  At the top, you can peer through peepholes in the giant raised fist of Morelos, giving a spectacular view of the island, lake and surrounding coastlines.

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