Christmas Ornamentation with a Michoacan-Artisan Touch

During this season, you can find many typical Mexican Christmas ornaments – including an endless variety of nativity variations – in Patzcuaro and vicinity.  The techniques often go back centuries, based on those promoted by Don Vasco de Quiroga.
Typical Mexican Christmas Ornaments
Typical Mexican Christmas ornaments
Folk art and tradition that are exhibited in traditional nativity scenes made from wheat sheathes and executed with consummate expertise.  All the players are finely depicted:  the Baby Jesus, the Virgin Mary, Saint Joseph, the three Wise Men, the angel, and animals. 
Mexican Folk Art during Christmas Season
Mexican Folk Art during Christmas Season
 With the same material, Michoacán artisans in the Lake Patzcuaro region – especially in Tzintzuntzan, an important artisan center – also fashion Christmas tree ornaments.  You find all the typical shapes and designs.
Other lake-side communities, such as San Jerónimo Purénchecuaro, Puácuaro, and Ihuatzio, are also known for their typical Christmas ornaments, made of various natural fibers.
Christmas tree ornaments.
Christmas tree ornaments.  
Quiroga is known for its wooden Christmas tree ornaments, and you’ll find clay objects in Santa Fe de la Laguna.
Pátzcuaro touts its own ornaments of pasta de caña (corn stalk paste), a technique developed by the indigenous Purépecha.  In 2012, a nativity scene made from pasta de caña was sent to the Pope as part of the Vatican’s Christmas trimming.
typical Christmas ornaments
typical Christmas ornaments
And if you are looking for piñatas of any shape, size, and color, Patzcuaro is the place to find them.
For Christmas ornamentation with a Michoacan-artisan touch, come to the Lake Patzcuaro area and support the local artisans. 
Christmas ornamentation made by artisans from Lake Patzcuaro Region
Christmas ornamentation made by artisans from Lake Patzcuaro Region

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