Discover Charanda, the Traditional Liqueur of Michoacan

On your next visit to Patzcuaro, we recommend that you try Charanda, known as the traditional liqueur of Michoacan.  Under the eaves outside the Hotel Mansion Iturbe, enjoy a charanda-based cocktail along with our Michoacan-grown guacamole with chips, admiring the famous Plaza Vasco de Quiroga right across the Street.

Charanda is a genuine product of Michoacan, originating in Uruapan. It is a spirit derived from the distillation and fermentation of concentrate of sugar cane, resulting in a molasses or brown sugar.
Charanda the traditional liqueur of Michoacan
Charanda the traditional liqueur of Michoacan

We find charanda in both clear and amber tones, cured in oak.  It varies in proof from 70 to 110.
The charanda is matured in oak barrels
The charanda is matured in oak barrels
The “Charanda Region” is an area of 8,600 square kilometers, and is in and around the city of Uruapan.  Sixteen municipalities, Ario, Cotija, Gabriel Zamora, N. Parangaricutiro, Nuevo Urecho, Peribán, Los Reyes, S. Escalante, Tacámbaro, Tancítaro, Tangancícuaro, Taretan, Tocumbo, Turicato, Uruapan y Ziracuarétiro, produce the sugar cane appropriate for making charanda.

This region is in the transition zone between the Zona de Tierra Caliente (Warm Land) and Zona Lacustre (Lake Habitat), at an altitude between 1,600 and 3,850 meters above sea level.
Charanda is a liqueur from Uruapan
Charanda is a liqueur from Uruapan

Sugar cane has been cultivated in this area since the 16th century.  Afterward, at the beginning of the 17th century, Augustinian monks founded the Hacienda de Taretan, installing a sugar mill, which was the beginning of an economic boom for the region.

In those times, of course, the mill, of course, was “run” with animal power.  The mills had “rollers” that pressed the liquid out of the sugar cane.
Charanda Uruapan Boutique
Charanda Uruapan boutique

Your next visit to our area, consider a trip to Uruapan, with its exuberant vegetation.  You’ll be able to easily find charanda (Purépecha for “red earth”).  There’s even a “Charanda Hill” outside Uruapan.
Charanda Uruapan is renown for its quality
Charanda Uruapan is renown for its quality

The next time you taste charanda, remember its history that goes back almost five hundred years.  The above-mentioned municipalities are the only authorized areas of charanda production in the entire country.
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