Morbido Film Fest in Patzcuaro a Festival of the Fantastic and the Terryfying

Patzcuaro thrilled terror-loving moviegoers with a Film Festival of the Fantastic and the Terrifying from November 15 to 18th, 2012.  There were eighty spine-tingling shorts; in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the death of the Irish author Bram Stroker – creator of Dracula – many of the films were of his genre.

Morbido Film Fest in Patzcuaro
Morbido Film Fest in Patzcuaro

 Several foreign films were highlighted at the Morbido Film Fest in Patzcuaro, including:

·         "Animal Within" (Jaime Fidalgo, Spain)
·         "Coming to town" (Carles Torrens, US)
·         "Doors" (Michele de Angelis, Italy)
·         "Estranha" (Joel Caetano, Brazil)
·         "Hex suffice cache ten" (Thirsten Fleish, Germany)
·         "Curiosity kills" (Sander Maran, Estonia)
·         "El Tercero" (Iván D'Onadio, Peru)
·         "Memories vives" (Francia)
·         "Karkas" (Maxim Stollenwerk, Belgium)

 Mexican filmmakers strutted their scarey stuff, too, with:

·         "Abracadabra" (Alejandro Iglesias)
·         "Año conejo" (Francisco Ohem)
·         "Bajo el sol"  (Arcadi Palerm)

·         "Bautizo" (Laurette Flores)
·         "Como perros y gatos" (Armando Vega Gil)
·         "Ismael" (Sebastian Hoffman)

·         "La noria" (Karla Castañeda)

Chilling childrens’ stories were even represented with:

 ·         "Cuatro ojos" (Jean Claude Rozec, France)
·         "Eso te pasa por barroco" (Pablo Serrano, Spain)
·         "Leo Creciente" (Rubén Mateo-Bravo, Spain)
·         "Huitzilopochtli" (Taller Infantil Metepec, Mexico)
·         "Matzatzin" (Josué Cabrera & Eduardo Bravo, Mexico)
·         "Solsticio" (Diana Pazo, Mexico)
·         "Un ojo" (Lorenza Manrique, Mexico)

 The venue for the Morbido Film Festival in Patzcuaro was perfect: the recently remodeled Teatro Emperador Caltzontzin very close to Hotel Mansio Iturbe.

Related activities spilled over into the Plaza Vasco de Quiroga  and even the Gertrudis Bocanegra Public Library.

Morbido Film Fest in Patzcuaro
Morbido Film Fest in Patzcuaro
 The Centro Cultural Antiguo Colegio Jesuita, in addition to offering several short films, also had exhibitions of photography by Michel Nyman, sketches by Liliana Mercenario Pomeroy, and skeletons and vampires by Diego Lamas.

We at Hotel Mansión Iturbe hope you enjoyed the Film Festival of the Fantastic and the Terrifying.  “See you at the movies next year!”
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