Artisan Exhibition of Night of the Dead in Patzcuaro

      The Day of the Dead Artisan Exhibition is one of the main annual attractions in the State of Michoacan.  The rituals of the venerated ancestros celebrated in the lake region of Patzcuaro are well known, and the Artisan Exhibition, held right in front of Hotel Mansión Iturbe, is also anticipated with much enthusiasm.  

The majestic Plaza Vasco de Quiroga – one of the most beautiful in Mexico – is the perfect venue for showing off the indigenous folk art of Michoacan.  Most of the techniques were either perfected or learned during the era of Don Vasco de Quiroga’s evangelism in the sixteenth century, and have been handed down from parents to their children.  The efforts of Don Vasco – “Tata Vasco,” as he is affectionately called – are never forgotten.

Michoacán is outstanding in its cultural wealth, as seen through its artisanship.  The hands of the Purépechas (indigenous) craft pieces of fine workmanship, stunning creativity, and intricate detail; some individual pieces can take months to complete.

During the exhibition, Plaza Vasco de Quiroga comes alive with vibrant and unusual colors of the vendors’ products.  The tradicional “Danza de los Viejitos” adds another dimension of joyful music and movement to the venue. 

Visitors from all over the world stroll through Plaza Vasco de Quiroga, giving it an added cosmopolitan flavor.            

The abundance and variety of artisanware is disarming.  Endless varieties, shapes, designs, and techniques of pottery are everywhere.  Other treasures to be found include splendid works of copper jewelry and lacquered copper, handsome wood furniture, traditional hand-embroidered cotton shirts and blouses, lovely scarves, our famous hats, and much more.  On November 1, the finest works are judged and moved into tents a block up the hill.  This is the favorite destination for the most discerning shoppers and collectors.

An important legacy of Don Vasco de Quiroga is his “compartmentalization” of artisanware.  Prior to his arrival, many items were made in a number of different villages; there was much duplication of effort.  These days, however, seasoned visitors know that, “Ah!  These are the best hats: they’re from Jarácuaro”; “Look at this copper!  It must be from Santa Clara del Cobre”; “I love these glossy black pottery candle holders; of course, they were made in Santa Fe de la Laguna,” etc.      

We invite you to join us for the amazing experience of Noche de Muertos in Pátzcuaro.  Typically, the artisan show/sale begins the end of October and stays active until around November 8.  Artisans wait all year for this opportunity to show their wares; it’s a great opportunity for YOU to buy their wares directly from them.  They are very motivated to making your visit to Pátzcuaro a fabulous experience.

The Artisan Exposition of Night of the Dead in Pátzcuaro is a time and place where the visitors and members of our community come together and interact.  An example of this year theme of the World Day of Tourism: Tourism-linking cultures.

      There is no better way to learn about a new culture than to experience it first-hand. Tourism offers a wonderful connecting thread between visitor and host community. It promotes dialogue and interaction.  Such contact between people of different backgrounds is the very foundation for tolerance.   In a world struggling for peaceful coexistence, tourism can build bridges and contribute to peace”.*

*Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General of the United Nations during the message of World Tourism Day 2011.

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