La Relación de Michoacán – or “Chronicle of Michoacán” – is an exhaustive literary work about the Purépecha people and their history.

Many of our guests at Hotel Mansión Iturbe ask us, “What’s beyond what we see in Pátzuaro?  What is the history of the Purépechas (indigenous)?  How did they live?  What were their customs?”

 “[f. 39v]  Montezuma sent ten ambassadors from Mexico to meet the supreme governor Zuangua [in Ihuatzio or Tzintzuntzan].  But the ambassadors were detained on the way [by an official] at Taximaroa [at the border between what is now the State of Mexico and the State of Michoacán].  The official in Taximaroa asked the ambassadors what they wanted.  They said they wished to meet with Zuangua.  The official at Taximaroa sent a representative to the supreme governor Zuangua, who sent the ambassador back to Taximaroa with instructions to treat the ambassadors well, and allow them to proceed safely.”  (Excerpt from La Relación de Michoacán)

La Relación de Michoacán is a critical part of the history of the pre-colombian latinoamericans. Although it has not been confirmed, the majority of the Historians think that Don Antonio de Mendoza the first viceroy of "Nueva España", selected the Franciscan friar Jerónimo de Alcalá (1508-1545) to undertake this invaluable work. La Relación de Michoacán describes the traditions and daily life of the Purépechas, based on oral interviews conducted by Jerónimo de Alcalá.

            The full name of the document is “The Chronicle of the ceremonies, the rites, the peoples, and the government of the indigenous of the province of Michoacán.”  The original document is currently in the Royal Library of San Lorenzo del Escorial (Spain), but is now available on line, thanks to collaboration between the College of Michoacán, the Intercultural Indigenous University, and the Foundation for the Advancement of Mesoamerican Peoples (Crystal River, Florida).

            To more fully appreciate this part of the great state of Michoacán and its intriguing past, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with this important historical document. And when you tour “La Ruta de Don Vasco,” you will better understand the surrounding communities of the Purépechas, who guard the legacy of a once-potent empire that even the Azetcas could not conquer!

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