Cuitzeo – Discover another Pueblo Mágico

     Many of our guests at Hotel Mansión Iturbe have asked us about destinations between places like Guadalajara and Mexico City, and Pátzcuaro.


       Just where the México-Guadalajara and Morelia-Salamanca freeways converge, we find the enormous, lovely Lake Cuitzeo.  Adding to the existing beauty of the area are numerous graceful herons, and Canadian geese call Lake Cuitzeo their home in the winter, providing one of Nature’s spectacular shows for the weary freeway traveler.

      Another sight for sore eyes are the picturesque canoes used by fishermen in search of succulent fish – famous in the region – prepared in different, delicious ways.  Other Traditional Mexican Cuisine (recently named an “Intangible Heritage of Humanity”), such as carnitas, mole de Guajolote, and pulque-based stew, add their own flavor to the above-mentioned visual attractions.


      But there’s more than just the lake; it’s worth the effort to become acquainted with the Pueblo Mágico Cuitzeo itself, with its rich history and culture.

      You will discover a peaceful and orderly town with its cobblestone streets and colonial monuments, lovely churches, and one of the most cherished gems of colonial Mexico – the Ex-Convent of Santa María Magdalena, which has been recently restored to showcase its original beauty.  It was founded by the Augustinian monks in 1550 during their evangelization efforts.  It is an excellent example of one of the first religious buildings of the 16th Century. 

      Enjoy a relaxing meal at one of many restaurants in Cuitzeo on the banks of the lake, or pack a cooler and enjoy your favorite dish from Cuitzeo while driving to the 95 kilometers to Pátzcuaro, following some of the Rutas Turísticas de México, like the Ruta del Sol a Corazón between San Miguel de Allende – passing through Pátzcuaro, where you can relax a spell at Hotel Mansión Iturbe in front of the famous Plaza Vasco de Quiroga – and Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo.

      Walk in the footsteps that Don Vasco de Quiroga walked in this evangelization work in Michoacán. Or take the Magic Route of Traditions and Nature, visiting villages rich in history and culture, enchanting archaeological ruins close by, or the lovely lakes of Pátzcuaro and Zirahuén.  In any case, Cuitzeo is a must-visit for the traveler who wants to experience the colonial riches of Michoacán.

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