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“Luxury Travel Awards 2016” - Another Award for Hotel Mansión Iturbe!

“Luxury Travel Awards” recognizes excellence in various sectors of the travel-and-tourism industry in Europe, the Americas, Asia, Australia, Africa, and the Middle East.

A team of experts scours the world every year, identifying the best hotels, airlines, and tour operators.

Luxury Travel Awards holds the event – along with the promulgation of the “Luxury Travel Guide” – in London.  It also coincided with the World Travel Market Tourism Faire. 

Luxury Travel Awards 2016 - Hotel Mansión Iturbe in Patzcuaro, Mexico
Luxury Travel Awards 2016 - Hotel Mansión Iturbe in Patzcuaro, Mexico

The Awards identify the best vacation options around the world, basing their criteria on innovation and design, accommodations, dining experiences, excellence of service, use of technology, and sustainable development and location.

According to the “Luxury Travel Guide 2016, one of the things that distinguishes Hotel Mansión Iturbe in Pátzcuaro is its location – immediately across from the Plaza Vasco de Quiroga – which makes it a prime base from which to explore our Pueblo Mágico and surrounding areas.
Staying at Hotel Mansión Iturbe is to experience a step back in time. The centuries-old building is an Architectural Heritage of Pátzcuaro, and a Historic Monument of Mexico. It was the residence of the foremost families of Pátzcuaro which, with meticulous restauration, has maintained its homey atmosphere through the years.

The decor incorporates various artistic projects and makes extensive use of Michoacán folk art, which is reflected at every turn.

Luxury Travel Awards 2016 - Hotel Mansión Iturbe in Pátzcuaro, México
Luxury Travel Awards 2016 - Hotel Mansión Iturbe in Pátzcuaro, México

The “Luxury Travel Guide 2016” summarizes:

“Step back into Mexico’s rich and colourful past at the Mansion Iturbe Hotel, located directly in the bustling, beating heart of the old colonial town of Pátzcuaro. Original authentic wooden floors, carved oak furniture and folk artworks decorate every room, imbibing the hotel with a rustic ambiance where guests can bask in the architectural heritage of the former residence of one of Pátzcuaro’s leading noble families. While historical buildings are commonplace in this largely indigenous town, what sets the Mansion Iturbe Hotel apart is its unrivalled location overlooking the central square making it the perfect base from which to explore.

The property also offers the welcome sanctuary of an inner courtyard, with thick adobe walls and warm lighting cultivating a homely atmosphere. We were particularly impressed with the modern restoration which manages to maintain unique details of yesteryear, such as original windows, carvings and drapes. Through the sponsorship of art projects and by utilising local handicrafts, ceramics and textiles in their interior décor, the management (fifth-generation descendants of the hotel’s original owners) have also lovingly integrated local culture into every colourful corner, thus ensuring the character of the hotel’s regional heritage is preserved.”

*Text and pictures property of Hotel Mansion Iturbe.

We invite you to check more post in our blog, you will find information about Patzcuaro and its surroundings that we hope will be useful for your next trip to our colonial town in Mexico.

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