Discover the Heritage of Communities of Pátzcuaro

Pátzcuaro communities are very rich in cultural heritage, which we can understand and learn better through booklet, Cultural Heritage of the Communities of Pátzcuaro, edited with the support of the City Council of our magical village, through the Director of Culture of Pátzcuaro.

This booklet is a work of Gloria Blancas López, who recently retired after thirty years as director of the Pátzcuaro Public Library, with the collaboration of Laura Delia Cruz Yépez. In this booklet we learn about the culture of our communities and discover their customs, traditions, gastronomy, architecture, lifestyle, art, and religion. It’s an important place where the pre-Hispanic past and colonial converge.

The Heritage of Communites of Pátzcuaro
The Heritage of Communites of Pátzcuaro

With this booklet, you will discover the organization of the communities, their festivities, the way the Spanish evangelists incorporated traditional forms into daily life, and understand the cultural and religious melding in these communities.

You will better understand the tangible and intangible heritage of these communities, including the principal monuments, parades, festivals, traditions, and gastronomy.

Get a different perspective of the islands – Janitzio, Uranden, Yunuen, Tecuena or Pacanda – of Lake Pátzcuaro, discover the tranquility of these islands where its inhabitants engage in fishing, speaking the indigenous (Purepecha) language, preserving the typical buildings and cobbled streets, with beautiful panoramic views of the Lake.

 The Heritage of the Communities of Pátzcuaro

The principal island Janitzio is the destination of countless visitors annually. The inhabitants of this legendary island retain their customs proudly. Here, you will also find works from the 18th century. It is one of the most representative places to experience Night of the Dead in the Lake Region. This celebration was declared an Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2003, and was brought to the international light with the "Maclovia" movie by María Felix in the 1940s.

But that’s hardly all of it!  There are many other communities around Pátzcuaro that are famous for their artisans, like Cuanajo. But there are also lesser-known communities that have important cultural legacies:  Huecorio, San Juan Tumbio, Huirimangaro, Tzentzenguaro, San Bartolo Pareo, Santa Ana Chapitiro, Tzurumútaro, and Ajuno.

The booklet goes into further depth as to the indigenous’ medicinal and ornamental plants and flowers, and how they became part of those introduced by the Spaniards.

Even birds, vitally important since pre-Hispanic times, form part of this interesting booklet. Pátzcuaro is a veritable birdwatcher’s paradise, in places like Estribo Grande, Estribo Chico, Los Nogales, and Cerro Blanco.

Finally, you will learn of the pirekuas, the song form of the Purépecha dating back to the 16th century. Pirekuas were handed down from generation to generation, and then were mixed with the musicality of the early evangelists Pirekuas were also declared an Intangible Heritage Cultural of Humanity by UNESCO in 2010.

This booklet is an excellent tool to get to know the Cultural Heritage of Pátzcuaro Communities. On your next visit to our magical village, give yourself time to investigate these communities, where their historical legacy, gastronomy, architecture, art, people – but above the warmth of their people – will surprise you.

We recommend to you, our guests at Hotel Mansión Iturbe, that you take a tour of these communities, using this invaluable booklet as a carry-on guide.

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