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Night of the Dead Season in Patzcuaro

       The world-renowned Noche de Muertos (Night of the Dead) in Pátzcuaro (also known since 2003 as the Master Works of World Heritage) is fast approaching (night of November 1, and the following morning).  

Day of the Dead in Patzcuaro
Day of the Dead in Pátzcuaro
The “festival of the dead,” celebrated by the indigenous (Purépecha) for centuries, originated in the areas surrounding Lake Pátzcuaro.  While it is actually observed in many parts of the country – even in places as far away as Mazatlán – its origin is here.  The island of Janítzio, in Lake Pátzcuaro, is a principal player, but the villages of Jarácuaro, Tzurumútaro, Ihuatzio, Cucuchucho and Tzintzuntzan are also predominant locales for celebrating this occasion. 

Day of the Dead in Patzcuaro
Day of the Dead in Patzcuaro

It is also a major event on three other islands, La Pacanda, Yunuen y Uranden.  Throughout the area, cemeteries are full of offerings for the deceased, bright orange magnolias, and candles.  The Purépechas come to the cemeteries to commune with their ancestors in an attitude of solemnity and kinship.  In villages like Santa Fe de la Laguna, Cuanajo, San Andrés Tziróndaro and San Jerónimo Purenchécuaro, it is their tradition to conduct these ceremonies in their homes.

Day of the Dead in Patzcuaro
Day of the Dead in Patzcuaro

Early in the morning following Night of the Dead, the aroma of magnolias and incense still permeates the air; the flickering candles and the first rays of the sun signal the conclusion of this mystical ritual, as the spirits of the deceased, according to the beliefs of the Purépechas, return to their underworld and the living return to their normal lives, awaiting the next meeting with their long-departed loved ones the following year. 

Day of the Dead in Patzcuaro
Day of the Dead in Patzcuaro
These celebrations for the dead unite the ancient Purépecha traditions with those of the Catholic faith, and are testimony to the ethnic and cultural diversity of Mexico.
This year, Hotel Mansión Iturbe invites you to visit Pátzcuaro during this exciting season, and experience one of the Mexican traditions that form the identity of our country.  And the festivities are not limited to November 1 and 2. 

Day of the Dead in Patzcuaro
Day of the Dead in Patzcuaro
One of the main artisan exhibitions of Latin American is also held in Pátzcuaro for 10 days leading up to Night of the Dead.  Indigenous artisans from every corner of Michoacán come to show and sell their world-class artisanship. Their work must be seen to be appreciated.
            Among the diverse artisanware you will find are alfarería, ceramics, bordados, laquer-ware, copper, wood, popotillo, scarves, jewelry, and rustic furniture.  Imagine: the finest artisans of Michoacán in the Plaza Don Vasco de Quiroga just across the street from Hotel Mansión Iturbe. 

Handicrafts Market during Day of the Dead in Patzcuaro
Handicrafts Market during Day of the Dead season

                 In addition, scheduled for October 30 is the Second Purépecha “Pelota” (traditional ball) Game, and October 31 is the Second Festival of Intercultural Music in Erongarícuaro (on the southwestern shore of the lake), where you can enjoy traditional dance and listen to Pirekuas of old – Purépecha songs interpreted by musical groups of the local community.
Add these and other events to the traditional activities of Night of the Dead, and you will understand why Patzcuaro is such an important destination, and why this important pre-Hispanic event has survived for centuries.
Stay with us at Hotel Mansion Iturbe and get a glimpse into this mystical ritual of the local Purépecha community, where the dead and the living share a precious moment in time, which comes around but once a year.     

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Day of the Dead in Pátzcuaro
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Thank you for the video links. La flor zempasúchitl es la marigold. The pungently scented, bright orange flower used in decorations for Night of the Dead is the marigold. The Hotel Mansion Iturbe is well located on Pátzcuaro's main Plaza Vasco de Quiroga.